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Dr. Adam Kohn, Ph.D.

Adam Kohn, Ph.D.

Professor, Dominick P. Purpura Department of Neuroscience

Professor, Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences

Professor, Department of Systems & Computational Biology

Isidor Tachna Professor in Ophthalmology

Areas of Research: My lab studies visual processing, with a focus on issues of rapid cortical plasticity, population coding, and inter-areal communication. We use neurophysiological, computational and behavioral methods in our work.

Professional Interests

My lab investigates how visual information is encoded and processed by populations of cortical neurons, and how this processing is affected by recent stimulus history, or adaptation. Our work thus addresses issues of neural coding, cortical plasticity, corticocortical signaling, and the neuronal basis of visual perception. Our approach involves multielectrode recordings in early and midlevel visual areas of anesthetized and awake, behaving macaque monkeys. We use computational methods to interpret and understand physiological data, and psychophysical methods to relate our findings to human perception. We have also begun using optogenetic tools, to further our understanding of corticocortical signaling in primate cortex. 

Selected Publications

Coen-Cagli R, Kohn A*, Schwartz O* (2015) Flexible gating of contextual influences in natural vision. Nature Neuroscience 18: 1648-1655. *Equal contribution

Zandvakili A, Kohn A (2015) Coordinated neuronal activity enhances corticocortical communication. Neuron 87: 827-839.

Solomon SG, Kohn A (2014) Moving sensory adaptation beyond suppressive effects in single neurons. Current Biology 24: 1012-1022.

Czuba TB, Huk AC, Cormack LK, Kohn A (2014) Area MT encodes three-dimensional motion. Journal of Neuroscience 34: 15522-15533.

Patterson CA, Wissig SC, Kohn A (2014) Adaptation disrupts motion integration in the primate dorsal stream. Neuron 81: 674-686.

Jia X, Tanabe S, Kohn A (2013) Gamma and the coordination of spiking activity in early visual cortex. Neuron 77: 762-774.

Smith MA, Jia X, Zandvakili A, Kohn A (2013) Laminar dependence of neuronal correlations in visual cortex. Journal of Neurophysiology 109: 940-947.

Patterson CA, Wissig SC, Kohn A (2013) Distinct effects of brief and prolonged adaptation on orientation tuning in primary visual cortex. Journal of Neuroscience 33: 532-543.

Wissig SC, Kohn A (2012) The influence of surround suppression on adaptation effects in primary visual cortex. Journal of Neurophysiology 107: 3370-3384.

Cohen MC, Kohn A (2011) Measuring and interpreting neuronal correlations. Nature Neuroscience 14: 811-819.

Jia X, Smith MA, Kohn A (2011) Stimulus selectivity and spatial coherence of gamma components of the local field potential. Journal of Neuroscience 31: 9390-9403.

Graf ABA, Kohn A, Jazayeri M, Movshon JA (2011) Decoding the activity of neuronal populations in macaque primary visual cortex. Nature Neuroscience 14: 239-245.

Smith MA, Kohn A (2008) Spatial and temporal scales of neuronal correlation in primary visual cortex. Journal of Neuroscience 28: 12591-12603.

Kohn A (2007) Visual adaptation: physiology, mechanisms, and functional benefits. Journal of Neurophysiology 97: 3155-3164.

Kohn A, Smith MA (2005) Stimulus dependence of neuronal correlation in primary visual cortex of the macaque. Journal of Neuroscience 25: 3661-3673. 

Kohn A, Movshon JA (2004) Adaptation changes the direction tuning of macaque MT neurons. Nature Neuroscience 7: 764-772.

Kohn A, Movshon JA (2003) Neuronal adaptation to visual motion in area MT of the macaque. Neuron 39: 681-691.

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