Success in medical school is based, in large part, on the rapid acquisition of vast volumes of knowledge. WellMed is committed to making the stress of learning manageable. We offer professional academic counseling by OASC, peer tutors and the peer mentoring network. The Career Advisory Program and a novel online alumni and faculty mentoring program provide access to advice from thousands of physicians and scientists from across the country and around the globe.



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March 2 | 6:30 PM

Cap Career Night - Radiology


March 4 | 5:00 PM

Class of 2017 Mindfulness Meditation

Rachel Gluckstein R.N. | Upper Max & Saddie, Friedman Lounge

March 11 | 5:00 AM

WellMed GrabnGo Breakfast

Lobby, 1925/35

March 17 | 5:30 PM

Healers Art (snow date)

Ellen Tattelman | TBA, Belfer


Quick Fact:

Studying with other people can help you to personalize and interact with the material.

-Dr. Kristina Petersen, on The Doctor’s Tablet blog

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