Our food choices can have a significant impact on our physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing. Eating properly can make us more efficient in our work and more focused and energetic overall. WellMed aims to help you make better nutritional choices by expanding the range of healthy food options available on campus. Just look for the WellMed stickers on campus food items, and for events and programs to help you eat in a healthy and balanced way.



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March 2 | 6:30 PM

Cap Career Night - Radiology


March 4 | 5:00 PM

Class of 2017 Mindfulness Meditation

Rachel Gluckstein R.N. | Upper Max & Saddie, Friedman Lounge

March 11 | 5:00 AM

WellMed GrabnGo Breakfast

Lobby, 1925/35

March 17 | 5:30 PM

Healers Art (snow date)

Ellen Tattelman | TBA, Belfer


Quick Fact:

Google launched a new nutritional information search function, making it simple to look up calories, protein, carbs, and other nutrients for nearly any food or dish.

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