Planning an Event

Step 1: Planning 

First, view the student activities calendar and Canvas to make sure that the date and time you are looking for is available.

Step 2: Location & Services

You must request a room through R25. Please note that some locations require food be ordered through catering. After you have received a confirmation of your room reservation, you must contact any service department i.e. housekeeping, catering, or AV if you will need their services.

  • Housekeeping: If you need furniture set up for your event you must fill out the housekeeping form three days in advance using this form.
  • Audio Visual: Audio Visual requests can be made by emailing at least five days prior to the event. We recommend you use Belfer classrooms and Forchheimer lecture halls where the AV equipment is self serviced. Robbins and Riklis auditoriums can be used ONLY if approved by our office; an AV technician must  be present until the end of the event. 
  • Catering: Catering for your event in most campus locations can be arranged through any neighborhood grab and go. You can also order all of your food from campus catering by emailing James Cohen at Any events scheduled in Lubin Dining Hall or Faculty Dining Club are required to use campus catering. Student clubs and special interest groups are required to ask for RSVPs for all of their events and ask students if they need a Kosher meal. If Kosher meals are needed for your event you must place an order by Wednesday of the week BEFORE your event. You place an order by emailing Your meal will be ready to be picked up on the day of your event in the Student Café. Please note, Student Café opens at 5:30pm on Monday-Thursday and is closed on Fridays. You can choose from: $5.00 or $6.00 food option. You have the option to pick up food from the coffee shop in Main Street. Please note that food is usually gone by 2pm and is not guaranteed. In both cases you will pay for the meal out of pocket and be reimbursed from your club budget. Please make sure to submit your receipt for reimbursement using this form. 
Step 3: Alcohol 

Einstein is considered a “dry campus” where clubs and interest groups are not allowed to serve alcohol at their events. On occasion, with the approval of the Student Activities Office, alcohol may be served. If a request for alcohol is approved you will be required to review and sign the alcohol policy form here. Please note that serving alcohol to minors for approved events is a violation of campus policy and safety. 

Step 4: Student Calendar

Next step is to post your event on the student activities calendar with five days advance notice before your event and wait for approval. If it is not posted on the student activities calendar you will not be reimbursed for your event. You cannot host an event that overlaps with another student club event during the date and time you choose.

Step 5: Guests

Guests at events are allowed as long as they are approved guests. 

Step 6: Event Etiquette 

Please clean up after your event and treat the campus space as your home.

Step 7: Reimbursements 

Before your first request for reimbursement, you must submit a request for a Clincard. Once reimbursement has been approved the amount will be loaded onto your clincard. As a reminder you must submit your receipt to Student Governing Board no more than 30 days after your event for reimbursement. If your spending exceeds your budget you will not be reimbursed the excess spent. 

If you have any further questions, please contact Jessica Lucas at or call 718.430.2101.


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