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Admissions; 718.430.2106

Student Affairs; 718.430.3060

Registrar; 718.430.2102

Library; 718.430.3111

Diversity Enhancement; 718.430.3091

Hispanic Center of Excellence; 718.430.2792

Student Activities; 718.430.2101


The OASC works in tandem with the Office of Student Affairs and closely with other Education Department offices.  This creates a support network that includes the Office of Instructional Support Services, the Office of Diversity Enhancement, the Registrar, and a peer mentoring network easily accessible to all students. We are located in Belfer room 410A.

Medical and graduate school can be a challenging experience. More is expected of you here than in your college years and the curriculum requires a greater percentage of your personal time. For a recent college graduate, you may find that your previous approaches to studying are no longer enough to secure a good performance on an exam. For students who completed college a number of years ago and are pursuing medicine as a second career, the transition from "colleague" to "student" can also be difficult. For students with families, the transition may not only affect you, but also your loved ones.

The OASC provides matriculated MD, PhD, and MD/PHD students with a variety of support services to help make some of these transitions easier so students are able to reach their potential.  The Einstein support team incorporates both a professional component run through the OASC and a student-run peer mentoring system for both the medical and graduate programs.  This allows for all students to access the guidance and help they need while here at Einstein.

We would like to thank the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Rights: Campus Mental Health Know Your Rights,  Yeshiva University's Office of Student Affairs, and the JED Foundation, for their support and contributions in making our website informative. 

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