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Leah Guthrie


Hometown: St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

Undergraduate Institution: Swarthmore College

Thesis Mentor: Libusha Kelly, Ph.D. 

Department: Systems and Computational Biology


  • ASM Outstanding Abstract Award
  • ASM Student and Postdoctoral Travel Award
  • Appointment to CMBG Training Grant
  • Featured in Nature News 

    Description of Research

    My research focuses on establishing predictive models of microbiome-influenced patient outcomes and engineering microbial community composition to promote human health. I use a combination of biochemical and computational approaches to assess the influence of human gut microbiota metabolic activity on drug metabolism at multiple levels of biological complexity.


    microbiome, drug metabolism, metagenomics sequencing, complex biological communities 

    Why Einstein

    I choose Einstein because of the collaborative and curious research atmosphere. Outside of its research attributes the proximity of Einstein and the student apartments to the Botanical Gardens and running trails were also key selling points for me.

    Advice for Prospective Students

    Prior to committing to a Ph.D. program, spend time thinking about what you hope to gain from the process. Once you are here, prioritize making time to go to seminars in and out of your field and do your best to follow along.

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