Graduate Programs in the Biomedical Sciences

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Renee Symonds


Hometown: Belgrade, ME

Undergraduate Institution: Bowdoin College

Thesis Mentor: Elyse S. Sussman, Ph.D. 

Department: Neuroscience


  • Ruth L. Kirschstein Predoctoral Individual National Research Service Award
  • Audiology/Hearing Science Research Travel Award
  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Conference Travel Award
  • Error Signals from the Brain - Mismatch Negativity Conference, Leipzig, Germany

    Description of Research

    I study how the brain processes the many sounds that compete for our attention in noisy listening environments. Specifically, I analyze human behavior using scalp-recorded brain responses to investigate how the brain organizes incoming sound information and to answer questions about the impact of unattended sounds on successful listening in noisy environments.


    cognitive neuroscience, auditory processing, hearing in noise, electrophysiology, attention, human participants 

    Why Einstein

    I chose Einstein because of the combination of support and opportunity offered by the graduate program. The advice and mentorship provided by the graduate school and faculty are as valuable as the chance to work with talented researchers here.

    Advice for Prospective Students

    Recognize that your plans will change; life events will slow the progress of your degree, you may find a new passion, or you might need to dedicate time rekindling an old one. That happens to everyone. Your path through graduate school won’t look like anyone else’s and it doesn’t need to. Success comes not from having the most foolproof plan at the start but the most adaptable strategy for the demands of your project and your own needs as a student and as a person outside of the lab.

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