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Andrea Lopez-Arroyo


Hometown: Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Undergraduate Institution: University of Puerto Rico

Thesis Mentor: Evris Gavathiotis, Ph.D. 

Department: Biochemistry


  • CMBG Training Grant

    Description of Research

    My research consists of elucidating how solid tumors regulate the BCL-2 family members to survive pro-apoptotic signals and how modulating the mitochondrial apoptotic pathway could provide novel opportunities for the development of targeted anticancer therapies to counteract the ability of cancer cells to escape apoptosis.


    drug discovery, apoptosis, targeted therapy 

    Why Einstein

    I had a great experience when I was a SURP student at Einstein, plus when I was looking for a grad school I was interested in being part of an interdisciplinary research environment in which I could not only develop my knowledge and skills in a specific field but increase my interest in other topics as well. Einstein offers that and more.

    Advice for Prospective Students

    Look for a research field that you are passionate and curious about. It will make graduate school much more fun.

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