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Ameya Kulkarni


Hometown: Mumbai, India

Undergraduate Institution: North Carolina State University

Thesis Mentor: Nir Barzilai, M.D. 

Department: Clinical Investigation


  • Burroughs-Wellcome Fund fellowship for clinical and translational research (eCLIPSE)
  • John B Derieux research award (North Carolina Academy of Sciences)
  • National Talent Search scholarship (Government of India)
  • First place: Einstein's Inaugural Hackathon 2017
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Undergraduate Research Packtrack fellowship




    Description of Research

    My research focuses on understanding the mechanisms of human aging and developing biomarkers for interventions that can target aging and extend human healthspan. Using translatable pharmacological interventions like Metformin and Acarbose, I am running proof-of-concept clinical trials in elderly individuals to identify tissue-specific transcriptomic changes relevant to drug action.


    aging, clinical trials, biomarkers, transcriptomics, metabolomics 

    Why Einstein

    I chose Einstein because of its highly collaborative environment, especially between basic scientists and clinical investigators, which is an ideal budding ground for translational researchers. During my interviews, I found Einstein's faculty to be appreciative of intellectual curiosity and highly amenable to novel ideas. The graduate students seemed to be very autonomous and contented, which was indicative of a community that cherished their work. Moreover, I was very impressed by the uniqueness of the work at the Einstein's Aging Center and the innovation that the faculty and students brought into their work.

    Advice for Prospective Students

    When deciding on where to declare your thesis lab, always choose a PI who will be receptive to your ideas and choose a lab that works on a topic that will keep you motivated to carry out your research. Talk to researchers and attend seminars both within and outside of your field, because well-established notions in your field can be challenged when looked from a different perspective. Regardless of your project, learn statistics and coding, which are the most important skills needed for modern scientists. Get involved in things outside of the lab, that Einstein and New York have to offer and never miss an opportunity for free food and travel!

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