Graduate Programs in the Biomedical Sciences

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Steven Kennedy


Hometown: Long Island, NY

Undergraduate Institution: St. John's University

Thesis Mentor: Steven A. Porcelli, M.D. 

Department: Microbiology and Immunology


  • Albert Einstein College of Medicine Student Service Award
  • Tip Top Junior Investigator - CTVD Gates Foundation
  • IMPACT Film Festival Selection - Video Link 

    Description of Research

    My project involves identifying CD4 T-cell epitopes for the development of a new vaccine against Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Specifically, we search for cryptic antigens that we think are the key to designing a more effective vaccine than the currently used BCG. .


    tuberculosis, vaccines, T-cell, antigen 

    Why Einstein

    I chose Einstein for a very simple reason: the community. Most other graduate programs I have visited have a passionate student body with exceptional talents, but all have paled to the Einstein experience. I think this is because Einstein is more than the students. Our exceptional student body is backed up by world-class researchers who want to help you grow, and a staff that makes the difficult transition into graduate school effortless. Great research is done in many institutions, but at Einstein the mixture of collaboration and brainpower lead to a product greater than their individual parts.

    Advice for Prospective Students

    My advice for prospective students is to get involved in something you are passionate about early in graduate school. Don't bury your head in your research or obsess over your time spent in lab. Volunteer, join organizations, and look for opportunities to spread your science to the public. If you do this you will be a more well-rounded scientist with the ability to transfer your skills broadly in whatever endeavors you pursue after grad school.

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