Science at the heart of medicine

7010A Quantitative Skills for the Biomedical Researcher I

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course will meet three times a week for combined lecture/lab sessions to intro-duce the basic concepts and methods of biostatistics. Concepts include: fundamentals of probability; foundations of statistical inference, confidence intervals, hypothesis tests, and sample size and power calculations. Students will also be introduced to the freely-available and powerful statistical software, R, for data exploration and analysis.

REQUIRED MATERIALS: No Textbook Required; Computer with R freeware installed

RECOMMENDED MATERIALS: Principles of Biostatistics (Second edition) by Marcello Pagano and Kimberlee Gauvreau, ISBN-13: 978-0534229023, ISBN-10: 0534229026.


STUDENT PREPARATION: No specific background preparation needed. All students are expected to have a working knowledge of basic computers and college mathematics.

SUITABLE FOR 1ST YEAR STUDENTS: Yes. Required for all 1st year PhD and MSTP students, and 1st year PREP scholars.

UNIQUE TRAINING OFFERED IN THIS COURSE: Students will learn the fundamental concepts of biostatistics and gain proficiency in the R programming language. No overlap with existing courses.

STUDENT ASSESSMENTS: One take-home exam (80%) and web-based homework (20%).