Science at the heart of medicine

7019 Protein Folding: Disease to Design

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course will focus on current research in understanding the relationship between the biophysical nature of proteins and how misfolding can lead to disease states, and will provide up-to-date insights in current approaches of protein engineering and its application to development of immunotherapeutics and vaccines.

REQUIRED MATERIALS: Computer; access to internet and Angel website (or equivalent). Student presentations are required.

PREREQUISITES: First ‘Block’ Graduate course in Biochemistry required; Fundamentals of Biophysics recommended.

STUDENT PREPARATION: Protein structure and composition; physical chemistry of protein structure; thermodynamics; some basic knowledge of metabolic pathways; enzyme mechanism.


UNIQUE TRAINING OFFERED IN THIS COURSE: The uniqueness of the course is that it takes a very broad and comprehensive view of the nature and fundamental role of proteins in life. There is slight overlap in some topics with Fundamentals of Biophysics, Computational Biology of Proteins, and probably others which cover some aspects of the course topics in depth but more narrowly.

STUDENT ASSESSMENTS: Throughout the term, students are asked to provide original presentations. A final consisting of thinking through and presenting a research program aimed at some specific disease.