Graduate Programs in the Biomedical Sciences



Dec 01, 2017
11:45 PM
Form 1a and Form 1b due: December 1, 2017
Belfer Educational Center for Health Sciences 202


Dec 11, 2017
12:30 PM
Thesis Seminar: Neural Correlations in the Sound Localization System of the Barn Owl and Their Relevance for Coding
Michael Beckert
Rose F Kennedy Center Room 901

Thesis Defense Seminars

Currently no information available on upcoming Thesis Seminars


Career Fair Preparation

Career fairs are unique event where qualified job applicants unite with prospective employers to facilitate job placement. They can serve as a networking opportunity among job candidates and employers and serve as an informational opportunity for job seekers to gather information about potential career possibilities. 

As an attendee you could become more knowledgeable about career opportunities, strengthen your professional network, and land an internship or full-time job. 


The CPD program offers a seminar about "Career Fair Preparation" (Dr. J. Schlatterer, 2011). Attending this seminar helps to get most of any career fair nationwide.  


Einstein is a co-sponsor of the "What can you be with a PhD" Career Fair/Career Symposium PhDs in New York City. This event is held every other year. 


There are other career fair organizers that can help with networking, career exploration and getting an interview.  

For example, the Biospace Life Science Career Fairs are the biotech industry’s career events. Featuring well-respected employers from around the nation, the job fairs attract top candidates in the biotech, pharmaceutical, life science and medical device industries. 

If you are looking to get international experience the European Career Fair (ECF) in Boston can be a great resource as well. At the ECF representatives from industry, academia and research funding organizations recruit and inform talent from the US. 

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