Graduate Programs in the Biomedical Sciences


Jennifer Schloss


Hometown: East Brunswick, NJ

Undergraduate Institution: Barnard College

Thesis Mentor: Teresa P. DiLorenzo, Ph.D. 

Department: Microbiology and Immunology


  • Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award
  • Individual Predoctoral M.D./Ph.D. or Other Dual-Doctoral Degree Fellowship (F30)

    Description of Research

    Type 1 diabetes is caused by T cell-mediated β cell destruction, following epitope presentation by MHC molecules on dendritic cells. Examining how epitopes are presented and therefore how dendritic cells interact with T cells can reveal disease pathogenesis. This can allow for development of preventative therapies for type 1 diabetes.


    type 1 diabetes, transgenic mouse models, class I MHC, antigen presentation, dendritic cells 

    Why Einstein

    One of the main reasons I chose Einstein was the friendly and welcoming atmosphere I found here. During the interview process, everyone I spoke to, from students to faculty to staff, was personable and many spoke highly of the collaborative atmosphere to be found at Einstein. While you're applying, you don't know who your classmates will be or which lab you'll end up in and many places (including Einstein!) have fantastic programs and great research available. But I felt that I would much rather spend the next however many years with people who I enjoyed being around, and that made it easy to choose Einstein.

    Advice for Prospective Students

    Always remember why you wanted to go into this field and try to have fun. The journey can be very long and sometimes it's easy to forget why you decided to start it out in the first place. But as long as you keep your long-term goals in mind and are enjoying what you're doing, time can fly much faster.

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