Graduate Programs in the Biomedical Sciences


Dr. Matthew Levy

Dr. Matthew Levy
Associate Professor of Biochemistry

Joined the faculty: January 2008
Previous position: Research associate at the University of Texas at Austin

Why I Chose Einstein 

I’m a native New Yorker who never thought I’d come back. But when I came to Einstein to interview, I was bowled over by how easily collaborations are set up here, how doors are open. This environment is what I envision as the future for medicine and biomedical science. At least I hope so—it’s more fun this way.

What I Love About Working Here 

I’m more of a technologist, so I need good biological problems to sink my teeth into. At Einstein I have constant access to people who can provide that.

What’s Most Exciting About My Research at the Moment 

My lab has been focused mostly on cancer in terms of human disease. I was talking with [Assistant Professor of Biochemistry] David Silver, who suggested that some of the technologies my lab is developing might be applicable to diabetes. David introduced me to Jeff Pessin, the director of Einstein’s Diabetes Research Center. Now we’re working to develop imaging agents for monitoring beta cell mass, an important diagnostic for types I and II diabetes. So in less than a year, I’m working in an area I never thought I’d be working in, with people who really understand the fundamentals of the disease.

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