Science at the heart of medicine

7029 Stem Cells, Development and Disease

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course focuses on the fundamentals of developmental biology, stem cells and regenerative medicine. The pathways and processes central to embryogenesis are often reused during tissue regeneration. Moreover, many diseases have their origins in misregulation of developmental pathways. A fundamental knowledge of development can thus strengthen your understanding of regenerative biology, aging, and disease. In this course, we will focus on the major principles and appropriate experimental approaches utilized in researching questions in development and stem cell biology. Our goal is for students to be able to read literature and evaluate seminars critically, understand relevant experimental approaches, and develop logical thinking and good experimental design skills for studying development and stem cell biology.

RECOMMENDED MATERIALS: For background reading only: Gilbert, Developmental Biology (Tenth Edition, ISBN: 160535192X), Lanza and Atala, Essentials of Stem Cell Biology (Third Edition, ISBN: 0124095038), older editions of these books are also acceptable.


STUDENT PREPARATION: Basic understanding of biological principles such as genetics, cell and molecular biology is needed. Important background material and recommended reading for each topic will be posted within the lesion folders on Angel at least one week prior to the lecture.


UNIQUE TRAINING OFFERED IN THIS COURSE: Students will learn and discuss concepts of modern and traditional developmental biology, with a strong focus on the biological relevance of stem cells. They will learn to appreciate their importance for the student of complex diseases. Active participation in group exercises and journal clubs is expected.

STUDENT ASSESSMENTS: Each student will be responsible for attending and participating in the lectures and exercises. Grade based on participation and quality of student contributions.