Science at the heart of medicine

8008 Special Topics in Molecular Genetics

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The aim of the course is to acquaint students with scientific literature and progress in selected focused areas of biological research. The topics to be treated will vary from year to year depending on the interests of the teaching faculty. Each year, several topics will be covered in short modules. Lectures may be presented, but a primary focus will be discussion of important background articles and current research papers. Through in-depth analysis of the literature on specific topics, the student is expected to gain a broadened knowledge, increasing appreciation of the process through which scientific understanding develops, and an improved ability to critically read and analyze the original research literature.


Meelad Dawlaty: Pluripotent Stem Cells: Biology, Reprogramming, Engineering and Applications.

Fabien Delahaye: New Challenges in Functional Genomics: Avoiding Misinterpretations to Gain Insight into Cellular Physiology.


PREREQUISITES: Molecular Genetics or equivalent.

SUITABLE FOR 1ST YEAR STUDENTS: Appropriate for 1st year students with prerequisite background. Attendance and participation by more senior students, postdocs and faculty is welcomed. This 1 credit course is not intended to satisfy the requirement that students take one or more advanced courses beyond the core curriculum. Registering students will be asked to specify what other advanced course(s) they are taking.

STUDENT ASSESSMENTS: Students enrolled for credit will be evaluated according to their attendance and participation in discussion. Class size is limited.