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8002 Quantitative Imaging of Cells

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Students will learn the fundamentals of light microscopy, different strategies for labeling and imaging live and fixed cells, quantitative approaches for analysis, and techniques that enable new ways of interrogating cellular molecules and processes. Graduate students and MSTPs taking this course will also participate in a hands on lab.

REQUIRED MATERIALS: Fundamentals of Light Microscopy, numerous handouts, and frequent data processing exercises requiring use of a Mac or PC.

PREREQUISITES: Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology

STUDENT PREPARATION: Students should have taken Molecular Cell Biology, Biochemistry, and undergraduate physics. Basic statistics is STRONGLY encouraged. The course does not require calculus.

SUITABLE FOR 1ST YEAR STUDENTS: The course is not suitable for first year students as it is very time intensive with lectures and labs.

UNIQUE TRAINING OFFERED IN THIS COURSE: The Biophysical Methods course by Arne Gennerich has minor overlap in discussions of fluorescence methods. However, the focus of that course is on experiments in vitro and in solution. The QIC course is focused on questions in cells that cannot be resolved with purified molecules or a cuvette.

STUDENT ASSESSMENTS: Students have multiple problem sets (10% grade), a midterm (30% grade), a take home final (35% grade), a presentation on advanced techniques (5%), and laboratories (20% grade).


NOTE: This is a closed registration and you must get approval from the course leaders in order to register for the course.