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8002 Quantitative Imaging of Cells

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This class will include both lectures as well as hands on lab sessions. The lectures will cover a broad range of topics in microscopy as it applies to biomedical research. Topics covered will include fundamentals of optics as they apply to brightfield microscopy. Other microscopy topics covered will include fluorescent microscopy with discussion of the nature of different fluorophores, confocal microscopy, multiphoton microscopy including intravital imaging, advanced imaging techniques including TIRF, FRET, FLIM, Optical Tweezers, and superresolution microscopy, Electron Microscopy including SEM, TEM, and CryoEM, as well as image analysis and image presentation. Lab sessions will consist of hands on demonstrations of the different microscopy techniques.

REQUIRED MATERIALS: Fundamentals of Light Microscopy 2nd Edition by Douglas Murphy and Michael Davidson, numerous handouts, and frequent data processing exercises requiring use of a Mac or PC. ISBN-13: 9780471692140; ISBN-10: 047169214X


STUDENT PREPARATION: Students should have taken Molecular Cell Biology, Biochemistry, and undergraduate physics. Basic statistics is STRONGLY encouraged. The course does not require calculus.

SUITABLE FOR 1ST YEAR STUDENTS: The course is not suitable for first year students as it is very time intensive with lectures and labs.

STUDENT ASSESSMENTS: Grades will be based on three exams, student presentations and homework.