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8001 Proteomics

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The Proteomics course will cover fundamentals of mass spectrometry and proteomics, essen-tial “bottom up” protein identification, quantitative and high throughput proteomics, posttransla-tional modifications, “top down” proteomics, imaging mass spectrometry, mass spectrometry for structural biology, specialty mass spectrometry applications, data analysis, bioinformatics. There will be assignments emphasizing data analysis, both fundamental and advanced, throughout the course. Readings from the literature will be assigned throughout the course. Individual or small group sessions will be carried out in the laboratory. The course emphasizes the link between mass spectrometry and biological insights. Student presentations will serve in lieu of a final examination.

REQUIRED MATERIALS: It is helpful if the students have personal computers (PC) that can be utilized for assignments after appropriate software is uploaded. Otherwise, the students may work in a specialized ar-ea in 405 Ullmann. The students usually like a textbook, but there is no completely adequate text. Two books that cover some of the material can be recommended. Reading materials will be derived from the scientific literature.

PREREQUISITES: We prefer not to specify prerequisites, since the range of scientists requiring mass spectrometry extends from experimental biologists to biochemists, chemists and biophysicists.



UNIQUE TRAINING OFFERED IN THIS COURSE: There is some introduction to proteomics in the Biochemistry course. However, the students typically do not acquire enough fundamental knowledge to understand the field and evaluate the validity of experiments.

STUDENT ASSESSMENTS: Assignments, presentations in class, individual or small group instruction sessions.