Science at the heart of medicine

8009 Fundamentals of Course Design and Teaching

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Research and teaching are two major spheres of scholarship and responsibility for most faculty in academic sciences. Training in the science and art of teaching is uncommon, however, particularly in the research intensive environment of a medical school. Although we are often expected to teach and show evidence of good teaching, our training in pedagogy is frequently weak, and research training does not substitute for training to teach.

The proposed course will present fundamental concepts and principles widely used in the design and execution of courses for adult learners (college and postgrad). Topics will include cognitive hierarchies and multiple intelligences in adult learning, course, lesson and syllabus design, lecture hall strategies, active learning strategies, formative and summative assessment techniques.

REQUIRED MATERIALS: Computer access to course management website. Textbooks are suggested in syllabus.

PREREQUISITES: Open to advanced graduate students who have completed their required courses and qualifying exam. This course cannot be used to fulfill a graduate course or graduate program requirement. Also open to postdocs and faculty. The course enrollment will be limited to 45.

STUDENT PREPARATION: No specific academic knowledge requirements


UNIQUE TRAINING OFFERED IN THIS COURSE: There is no overlap with other courses. This is the only course organized specifically to teach pedagogical principles of course design, lesson planning and diverse teaching approaches/skills.

STUDENT ASSESSMENTS: Participants who successfully complete (pass/fail) the course will receive an official institutional certificate of completion to add to their CV. Successful completion of the course will be assessed by attendance, weekly participation in discussions/assignments and satisfactory completion of exercises in course design. Written reflections are required for each objective; a course syllabus and lesson plans are produced and evaluated; a teaching philosophy statement; No more than 3 absences/missed assignments are permitted.