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8005 Enzyme Drug Targets: Structure and Mechanism

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course will discuss the structure and mechanisms of enzymes that are targets for drugs in current use. Both prokaryotic drug targets that underlie the mechanisms of action of antibi-otics and eukaryotic drug targets that underlie the mechanism of action of anticancer and other approved drugs will be discussed. Readings will be assigned from the recent literature.


PREREQUISITES: A strong background in Biochemistry, Chemistry and Structural Biology would be useful.

STUDENT PREPARATION: Graduate Biochemistry or a strong undergraduate Biochemistry course. Some familiarity with chemical reaction mechanisms.

SUITABLE FOR 1ST YEAR STUDENTS: Yes, with strong Biochemistry Background.

UNIQUE TRAINING OFFERED IN THIS COURSE: This course should provide the student with an extensive appreciation of the mechanisms of action of existing drug molecules, and the methods that go into the drug discovery process.

STUDENT ASSESSMENTS: Term paper, class participation.