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8011 Computational Genomics & Epigenomics

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The purpose of this course is to blend didactic and practical content over a one semester period in such a way so as to give the students both a foundation and hands‐on experience of contemporary genomics and epigenomics methodologies. Each topic in the syllabus will be delivered individually by a member of the Einstein faculty whose research expertise matches that topic’s content, and each topic will have both taught and practical components. The students will use their laptops in class to ‘walk through’ these practical sessions. The final examination will consist of a set of genomics/epigenomics based ‘research level’ problems which the students will solve within a set time frame. The goal of this course is to inform and train the student cohort up to an operational level of capability in the current methods and techniques used in contemporary genomics research.

REQUIRED MATERIALS: A laptop with wireless capability. Mac, Windows or Linux


STUDENT PREPARATION: Ideally: basic biostatistics, insights into molecular genetics, familiarity with R programming language. Adhering to these as requirements would make our course inaccessible to most students, so we are prepared to make these suggestions as opposed to absolute requirements.


UNIQUE TRAINING OFFERED IN THIS COURSE: The course is unique in teaching computational analytical approaches for genomic and epigenomic datasets, with a very strong practical, hands-on emphasis.

STUDENT ASSESSMENTS: A final take home examination will account for the majority of the marks, but attendance and participation in class will also be recognized with marks (e.g. 2% for each of 16 classes).