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7017 Cancer: A Basic Science Approach

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The course is designed to bring together current approaches in cancer research including ep-idemiology, histopathology, physiology, cell biology, and molecular genetics. The course will involve both lectures and case studies/paper discussions on various cancers. Topics will in-clude the pathology of cancer, pathways in the development of cancers, oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes, micro RNAs and stem cells in cancer, the metastatic cascade, immune responses to cancer, and a few treatment modalities. Selected tumor types will be covered in more detail, such as breast, colon, liver, lung, etc. Emphasis will be on classic and emerging genomics approaches in basic cancer research. The overall goal is to establish a firm foundation in the "Ten Hallmarks of Cancer" and enable students to gauge difficulties and opportunities for advances in cancer research.

REQUIRED MATERIALS: The Biology of Cancer by Robert A. Weinberg


STUDENT PREPARATION: Undergraduate training in cell biology, biochemistry and genetics


UNIQUE TRAINING OFFERED IN THIS COURSE: Focus on pathways and histology that are important in cancer. Lectures on general cancer topics as well as specific cancers. Overlap with a number of other courses in terms of cover-ing the same pathways, but from a cancer perspective.

STUDENT ASSESSMENTS: Homeworks, exams, paper presentations