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7001 Biochemistry

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This is an 8 week introduction to fundamental topics in biochemistry and physical biochemistry. Topics include: protein structure, folding, and function, nucleic acid structure and protein-DNA interactions, carbohydrates & glycoproteins, lipids & membranes, enzymology, energetics & allostery, posttranslational modification of protein function, transcription, translation, and DNA replication. The course also covers some aspects of basic metabolism (glycolysis and the citric acid cycle). The material is presented in formal lectures in conjunction with a structure-based macromolecules project that includes an oral presentation, discussion sessions, and reading of the literature.

REQUIRED MATERIALS: Biochemistry, 4th Edition, D. Voet and J. G. Voet. ISBN 978-0470570951

PREREQUISITES: One semester of undergraduate biochemistry and a course in organic chemistry are required. Undergraduate physical chemistry is also helpful preparation. Students who are uncertain about the adequacy of their undergraduate training for this course should discuss the issue with their advisory committee and then consult the course leader.

STUDENT PREPARATION: Students should be familiar with the general principles of biochemistry including basic knowledge of amino acid and nucleic acid structure. They should also be familiar with general principles such as DNA replication, transcription and translation.


UNIQUE TRAINING OFFERED IN THIS COURSE: This is a general course teaching the fundamentals of biochemistry.

STUDENT ASSESSMENTS: Each student is required to take two non-cumulative examinations that cover each part of the course and to participate in and complete the macromolecules project. Grade will be based on the two exams, the macromolecules project and the discussion sessions.