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· National Health Service Programs (NHSC) in general:  

· Student to Service Loan Repay program which is a new pilot for which 4th year students at your school have been selected as a priority target:;

· The NHSC Scholarship program which should be of interest to your prospective/incoming students and 1st and 2nd year students:;

· The NHSC Loan Repay program which is for already graduated/licensed/boarded primary care clinicians, but which your students and primary care residents may wish to become more aware of:;

· The NHSC Student and Resident Student/Resident Experiences and Rotations in Community Health (SEARCH) program which offers structured electives at NHSC sites:

NHSC Reading Material

NHSC- At A Glance
NHSC- Clinical Loan Repayment Facts
NHSC- Service to Student Loan Repayment Program
NHSC- Scholarship Program Overview
NHSC- Student and Resident Rotations and Experiences  



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