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· National Health Service Programs (NHSC) in general:  

· Student to Service Loan Repay program which is a new pilot for which 4th year students at your school have been selected as a priority target:;

· The NHSC Scholarship program which should be of interest to your prospective/incoming students and 1st and 2nd year students:;

· The NHSC Loan Repay program which is for already graduated/licensed/boarded primary care clinicians, but which your students and primary care residents may wish to become more aware of:;

· The NHSC Student and Resident Student/Resident Experiences and Rotations in Community Health (SEARCH) program which offers structured electives at NHSC sites:

NHSC Reading Material

NHSC- At A Glance
NHSC- Clinical Loan Repayment Facts
NHSC- Service to Student Loan Repayment Program
NHSC- Scholarship Program Overview
NHSC- Student and Resident Rotations and Experiences  



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Tuition & Fees and Financial Aid 

Masters in Bioethics 

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MD Program 

New Students 

Welcome to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine Office of Student Finance. Learn about the many options available to you, from student loans to payment plans.

Student Accounts 

Through Student Accounts, you can pay your bill, check on your refund or disbursement dates, or apply for an emergency loan.

Recent Graduates 

Find information on loan repayment, consolidation, public service loan forgiveness, or Einstein and Homan loans.

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