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Student Finance Handbook

The Office of Student Finance has put together a handbook for all students. It contains up to date information and instructions. Please  click here to access this handbook.

General Information

The cost of financing a medical education can be daunting, but the office of student finance at Albert Einstein College of Medicine is available to assist you in preparing to meet it. Staff members are committed to clarifying the process of applying for financial aid so that you may explore various options that exist for funding your medical education. Read this information carefully and use it as a reference guide to help select from the numerous avenues of funding available to you.

Applicants to the M.D./Ph.D. (also known as the Medical Scientist Training Program — MSTP) and Ph.D. programs should note that this website is intended primarily for students enrolling in the M.D. program at Einstein. Tuition for students in these programs is remitted and a stipend is offered. Students in such programs are encouraged to contact the appropriate graduate division for information regarding tuition waivers and stipends. The office of student finance reviews grant applications for M.D. students only.

The office of student finance awards grant assistance on the basis of demonstrated financial need. In addition, a number of scholarships not based on financial need are awarded by the admissions office.


Upcoming Deadlines for Outside Scholarships


National Medical Fellows Scholarships-

General Eligibility-
-Proof of U.S. citizenship or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) approval letter
-Currently enrolled in an accredited U.S. medical school 
-Underrepresented minority student
*NMF designates the following racial/ethnic groups as underrepresented minorities: African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native Americans (American Indian/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian), Asian American (Vietnamese and Cambodian only), and Pacific Islander. 
-Demonstrated leadership ability
-Commitment to serving medically underserved communities 

Dr. David K. McDonogh Scholarship in Ophthalmology/ENT

The Dr. David K. McDonogh Scholarship in Ophthalmology/ENT is designed to increase the number of qualified physicians who are interested in a career in Ophthalmology or Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) specialties. The scholarship is a $5,000 award to one (1) African American, Afro-Latino, or Native American medical student in New York City. Eligible candidates must be committed to academic excellence, research, leadership and service. The awarded scholar is required to attend the Award Ceremony in November.

Deadline: August 1st, 2017

Website: Click here 

Gerber Scholarship in Pediatrics Program

The Gerber Scholarship in Pediatrics was established in 1997 and provides a $5,000 scholarship to two (2) outstanding medical students with an interest in pediatrics with an emphasis on nutrition.

Deadline: June 23rd,  2017

Website: Click here 

Hugh J. Andersen Memorial Scholarship Program 

The Hugh J. Andersen Memorial Scholarship was established in 1982 in honor of the longtime NMF contributor in Minneapolis/St. Paul. This award provides a $5,000 scholarship to two (2) 2nd or 3rd year underrepresented minority medical students enrolled in a Minnesota medical school, in recognition of leadership and community service.

Deadline: August 1st, 2017

Website: Click here 

Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation Scholarship

The Josiah Macy Jr. Scholarship was established in 2001 by the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation in order to provide a $5,000 scholarship to six (6) scholarships for 2nd or 3rd year minority medical students in financial need in recognition of their academic achievement and potential.

Deadline: June 23rd,  2017

Website: Click here 

Mary Ball Carrera Scholarship

Established by NMF Board member Neal Ball to honor the memory of his sister Mary Ball Carrera, this award provides a $2,500 scholarship to one (1) outstanding Native American woman, recognized for outstanding academic achievement, leadership, and community service, and enrolled in an accredited US medical school.

Deadline: June 23rd,  2017

Website: Click here 

National Alumni Council Scholarship Program

Established to help address the severe national shortage of physician-leaders who are committed to the health of underserved communities, this award will provide a $5,000 scholarship to eight (8) fourth-year medical students from underrepresented minority groups who have demonstrated evidence of community service and leadership potential at an early stage in their professional careers.

Deadline: June 23rd,  2017

Website: Click here  

Pride Foundation





They manage numerous scholarships and each one has its own specific criteria (there is only one application to complete). There is not a minimum GPA requirement. Students must have some demonstrated need, but the overall amount varies. We look for students who demonstrate  to social justice and LGBTQ concerns, exemplify leadership in their  and demonstrate the ability to be academically and personally successful. All applicants must be from the Northwest.

Deadline: Varied 


Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Deadline: varied




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