Faculty Development

Upcoming Events - Career Development Series

Event DateTitleCategorySpeakers
2/11/2016Using PowerPointCareer Development SeriesWilliam Burton
3/9/2016Excel: Analyzing Data with Pivot TablesCareer Development SeriesMartin Penn, C.P.A.
3/31/2016Excel: Formulas & FunctionsCareer Development SeriesMartin Penn, C.P.A.
4/22/2016Excel: Statistical AnalysisCareer Development SeriesWilliam B. Burton, Ph.D.
5/6/2016Excel: Charts and GraphsCareer Development SeriesWilliam B. Burton, Ph.D
6/17/2016Part II: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Designing a Survey, but Were Afraid to Ask SeriesCareer Development SeriesWilliam B. Burton, Ph.D.
7/29/2016Everything You Wanted to Know about Using SurveyMonkeyCareer Development SeriesWilliam Burton, Ph.D.
9/28/2016EndNote: The BasicsCareer Development SeriesNancy R. Glassman, M.L.S., M.P.H , Racheline G. Habousha, M.S.L.S.
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