Einstein Enrichment Program (EEP)

Current Students

SPRING 2015 at EEP

Reminder: NO EEP Jan 27, 29, Feb 3.  

EEP resumes with  Spring Orientation on February 5th





Feb 5—Orientation 

7:00pm PAC Meeting 

Feb 10-SAT/Senior Seminar 

Feb 12-TAP Groups 

Feb 17– No EEP 

Feb 19—NO EEP 

Feb 24-SAT/Senior Seminar 

Feb 26 SAT/Senior Seminar 

Mar 3-SAT/Senior Seminar 

Mar 5-SAT/Senior Seminar 

Mar 10-SAT/Senior Seminar 

Mar 12 TAP Groups 

Mar 17-SAT/Senior Seminar 

Mar 19-SAT/ Senior Seminar 

7:00pm PAC Meeting

Mar 24-Prep classes 

Mar 26-NO EEP 

Mar 31-Prep classes 

Apr 2– NO EEP 

Apr 7– NO EEP 

Apr 9--NO EEP 

Apr 14– Prep classes 

Apr 16—TAP Groups 

Apr 21—Prep classes 

Apr 23– Prep Classes 

7:00pm PAC Meeting

Apr 28-Prep classes 

Apr 30– Prep classes 

May 5 — Prep classes 

May 8 —TAP Groups 

May 12– Counseling Day 

May 14 — Senior Legacy 

May 19—TAP Presentations  

May 21 — TAP Presentations 

SAT on line practice test dates with Revolution Prep:  

Saturday– February 7; February 28; March 14; April 11  


                        For more information contact us at: 718-430-4166 or eep@einstein.yu.edu   

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