Einstein Enrichment Program (EEP)

Program Components

Students come to the medical school twice weekly during the academic year for two 15 week semesters, and four full days weekly for six weeks during summer, to engage in the many activities that contribute toward its mission. These include:

Fall Professional Seminar Series:
Einstein faculty and other professionals from a wide range of science, medical and health fields are guest speakers who do career presentations and workshops.


During the summer program, students gain insight into medical careers at research labs, clinical hospital settings, and private practices while they are under the supervision and guidance of scientists, physicians and health professionals who serve as their preceptors. Some students continue their internships during the academic year, and some have been hired as salaried employees.


College Counseling:
Students receive information, advice and intensive assistance with all aspects of the college application and selection process, including financial aid.


Students who are struggling with academic, social or family issues receive counseling from either of two staff members, both of whom have advanced degrees in Counseling and Psychology, and referrals are made as needed.


Academic Instruction:
During the spring semester, experienced teachers are hired to give instruction in: science Regents and AP review, language and writing skills, study and test-taking skills, critical thinking skills. An S.A.T. preparation course is offered through Revolution Prep. As part of the summer program, an intensive English course and science course are offered.


Research Projects:
Students are required to do research papers and/or projects twice a year based on research of a relevant topic of their choice or on their summer internships. They do an oral presentation for the class (and sometimes preceptors) of their work.


Leadership, Self-esteem, Values and Ethics Exploration:
Through the Teen Action Planning groups students gain insight into developing their leadership skills, building social awareness and learning about social research. Teens connect with funded programs at Einstein College, where they provide support for existing projects, while learning how to prepare a social research project for presentation at the college. This year’s projects hosting EEP students in their service learning experience are: Bronx Oncology Living Daily, Bronx Science Health Opportunities Partnership, Project Brief, Study of Latinos, Adolescent AIDS Program at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, Bronx Breathes, and The Einstein Health Study.


Multicultural Development:
Multicultural themes are reflected in workshops and exercises that help student development in the general areas of tolerance and acceptance. The themes can focus on race, religion, gender, sexual-orientation, disability, age, physical appearance.


Field Trips:
Students have the opportunity to visit medical facilities and participate in specially arranged on-site workshops. Visits to colleges in and out of New York City are arranged, and activities geared at college preparedness are made available to our students.


Each June the students' achievements are celebrated at our Awards Ceremony Dinner to which family members are invited. Students receive awards for special accomplishments: perfect attendance, superior research projects, highest grade point averages, and special leadership. At the end of the summer program a luncheon is held for students and their internship preceptors. This serves to express the program's gratitude to the preceptors for donating their expertise and time to the students

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