Einstein Enrichment Program (EEP)

Application Information

Applications are available for Fall  2015


Click on INQUIRY FORM above to request an application for fall 2015 admissions. You can also call us at 718.430.4166. 

Applications are also distributed to area guidance counselors for distribution.   


Request an application only if you meet the following criteria: 


Eligibility: Applicants must:

Be 9th & 10th graders at the time of application 

Have United States citizenship or legal immigration status

Have been a New York State resident for twelve months prior to application 

Live in and attend school in the Bronx

Have a grade point average of 85% or higher, with well-balanced grades in all courses

Have a good attendance and school history

Have an interest in pursuing a field in medicine, health and/or science

Be a member of a minority group that is defined by New York State as having been "historically under-represented" in the licensed professions--these groups are African- or Caribbean-American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American Indian/Alaskan Native, OR someone whose family’s economic status meets the state’s definition of "economically disadvantaged" based on income and family size.  


Office hours are Mon-Thurs, 9 am - 6 pm. eep@einstein.yu.edu

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