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Please read the following items carefully: 

  • All applicants (including DACA students) are invited to complete the secondary application after receipt of the AMCAS application has been acknowledged by the admissions office. Any secondary application that is received prior to acknowledgement will incur an automatic withdrawal, and a processing fee, if paid at the time of application.
  • Applicants are sent a link to the secondary application upon receipt of the AMCAS application. The Einstein AMCAS deadline is October 15. All secondary applications and supporting documentation must be received by December 31 (December 1 for MSTP).
  • Applicants who have completed two prior applications are ineligible to apply.
  • Prior to submitting a secondary application, all applicants should read and consider the Class Profile and the Technical Standards links found on the admissions website.
  • All applicants, including M.D./Ph.D. applicants, MUST complete the Secondary Application.
  • Please be certain that your application has been completed properly by checking: Completion Checklist 
  • When the application is complete, notification will be made via e-mail.

There are two questions on the secondary application that require clarification. These are: "I plan to take off this year while I make application to medical school," and "I have not completed the pre-med requirements."

Regarding the first question, if you are not a matriculating student anywhere this year, please check the box and describe your activities. Also, if you are or were a graduate student and took time off in between undergraduate and graduate school, please describe your activities during that period.

As to the second question, if you are taking required pre-medical course work either this fall, spring, or next summer, please check the box and indicate the courses. Course work taken this year is allowable, and your application will be considered prior to its completion.

Lastly, please be sure to follow the instructions at the end of the Secondary application or it will not be downloaded to the Admissions office.  If you do not see a confirmation page after you submit your credit card information, we will not receive your application.  For the sake of ease, we are including the instructions here as well:

  1. Click the "Online Payment" button to begin your payment process. A window will pop up taking you to the TouchNet payment site 
  2. Fill out the payment form and submit it 
  3. On the confirmation page, copy the System Tracking ID number 
  4. Click the link at the bottom of the confirmation to close the window and the "Payment Authorization" field will appear on this page 
  5. Paste the System Tracking ID in the space provide 
  6. Click "Save & Continue" to go to the "Certification" page and submit your application 
  7. If you do not see a confirmation page after you submit your credit card information, please contact Ms. Gwendolyn Middlebrooks at gwendolyn.middlebrooks@einstein.yu.edu 
  8. Proper completion of the Secondary Application does NOT mean that your full application has been completed.  You will receive another email from the Admissions Office when your whole file is complete and ready for review; that includes MCATs and letters of recommendation.  However, we must have your Secondary Application before we can proceed with the completion of your application.



Applicants who apply to the M.D./Ph.D. program (MSTP)who decide afterward that they would prefer the M.D. program only, must notify both the M.D. admissions office and the M.D./Ph.D. office, in writing. They then must be interviewed and evaluated by the M.D. admissions committee. This requirement applies also to accepted M.D./Ph. D. applicants. 

Fee Waiver

Applicants may be eligible for an application fee waiver from AMCAS and for a fee reduction for the MCATs.

Please refer to: AAMC.org. Only applicants who have been granted a fee waiver (FAP) by AMCAS will be granted a fee waiver by Einstein.


Application Fee

The Secondary Application fee is $120.00

(Please note: Applicants who submit a Secondary without having received an email directly from the Admissions Office automatically will be withdrawn from further consideration and charged the processing fee, if paid at the time of application.)


Completion Checklist

Here is a quick rundown of things you’ll want to be sure you’ve done in order to complete your application to Albert Einstein College of Medicine:

  • Review our Technical Standards.
  • Complete your AMCAS application.
  • Make sure you have completed or will complete (by matriculation) the competencies for admissions.
  • You must have letters from current or former professors.
  • If you are an international student, please be sure to scan a copy of your passport into the secondary application.
  • Remit your application fee of $120 using either a charge card (AMEX is not acceptable) or pre-paid MASTERCARD or VISA card only. Please note: No checks or money orders will be accepted. Applicants who apply to Einstein and ask for a fee waiver without first having received their FAP from the AAMC will be required to pay an application fee. If not, the application will be considered incomplete.
  • Upload your photo (125px x 160px) with your secondary application.
  • Be sure to take your MCATs no later than the September preceding the year of matriculation; MCAT results may not be older than those taken in 2013.
  • Instruct all your references that their letters of recommendation must be submitting using AMCAS Letter Writer Application Service. 
  • Make sure that all supporting documentation is postmarked no later than December 31, 2016.

Also, please remember to keep AMCAS up-to-date regarding any changes in your address, telephone, e-mail, fax or other contact information.

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