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  • Early Decision Application to AMCAS - August 1
  • Early Decision Application complete at Einstein - August 15
  • Early Decision Notification - October 1
  • Earliest date for submission of AMCAS application - June 1
  • Latest date for submission of AMCAS application – Oct. 15
  • Latest date for submission of transcripts to AMCAS - Nov. 1
  • Oldest acceptable MCAT scores for 2015 entering class - 2011
  • Newest acceptable MCAT scores for 2015 entering class - November 7, 2014
  • Latest date for completion of application for the regular M.D.- December 31; December 1 for the combined M.D./Ph.D. 
  • Earliest date for letter of acceptance for the regular M.D. - February 1
  • Offers of acceptance must be acknowledged by completion of the online Acceptance Acknowledgement Form and the online Technical Standards Acknowledgement Form within two weeks of the date of the letter of acceptance (within ten days if accepted after May 1). Where applicable, all supporting documentation regarding Technical Standards must be received within three weeks of the date of the letter. Failure to meet either deadline will result in forfeiture of the acceptance.
  • All accepted students must remit a $100 deposit to hold their place in the class on or before April 1 (deposits should not be sent before then but must be postmarked not later than April 1). Applicants accepted after April 1 must remit the deposit within two weeks of the date of the acceptance letter. Applicants accepted after May 1 have ten days from the date of the letter of acceptance to remit the deposit. Acceptances will be revoked if all acknowledgements are not made by the deadline.
  • Latest date for interview - April 30
  • Deposit refundable until - June 1
  • Requests for deferred enrollment - June 1
  • Latest date to hold multiple acceptances - May 15 (April 30 for MD/PhD candidates)
  • Biochemistry Preparatory Course Commences for 2014 first-year entrants: July 28 through August 8
  • One-half first-year tuition due for 2014 first-year entrants – August 4
  • One-half first-year tuition due for 2014 first-year entrants who are Canadian citizens: July 15
  • Two year's full tuition due for international students who are not Canadian citizens: July 15
  • Orientation for MSTP students begins: June 30 - July 1
  • Orientation for MD students begins: August 11-13
  • White Coat Ceremony: August 13
  • Applicants who have indicated on their AMCAS application and their Einstein Secondary application that they will receive a Baccalaureate degree or an advanced degree by the time they begin their medical studies must complete the degree, or must write to the Admissions Committee 60 days prior to Orientation to explain the reasons for the incomplete, and to request permission for entrance.
  • All transcripts for first-year entrants must be received by the Office of Admissions by July 15; June 24 for MSTP students. (No student will be allowed to register at Orientation without a complete set of transcripts. His/her place in the class will be forfeited automatically on the deadline date, and the place filled immediately.) Official transcripts are valid when they are issued by the school attended. They have an official seal/stamp and an official signature by an appropriate academic administrative officer. They are sealed by the university. Photocopied documents are NOT official. Final transcripts state that a degree has been conferred and provide the date of conferral. Transcripts are required from all schools attended, whether or not a degree was conferred.
  • Attendance at Orientation is mandatory. All incoming first-year students must be present or forfeit their place in the class. Students who are unable to attend for reasons of severe emergency and/or acute illness must contact the Admissions Office before 8:30 via telephone (718-430-2106) and leave a voicemail. A doctor's note will be required within one week of Orientation and will be reviewed by the Office of Student Affairs. In extraordinary cases, students who have made prior arrangements by providing proper documentation to the Admissions Office on or before August 1, may be excused only with written permission from the Admissions Office.
  • Accepted students should become familiar with the online Primer that describes the paperless curriculum.
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