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What Participants said about CPD Events

"The clinic was a wonderful opportunity to have my CV evaluated by a professional." 

"The CV clinic helped me to modify my CV appropriately for relevant positions." 

"The site visit to Hostos Community College offered helpful insights into life as a professor at a small liberal arts college." 

"I feel better prepared about going to an interview because of the suggestions and perspectives provided." 

"Einstein Toastmasters enables me to build confidence and public speaking skills in a comfortable and fun environment." 

"While I had some ideas for career paths after receiving my Ph.D., I wasn’t sure about how to pursue them. Thanks to my career mentoring session, I now have an arsenal of ideas and resources that can help me forge my way, and I learned about other great/interesting/adjective options. I also have greater confidence about being able to land a job in a career of my choice." 

"The CV clinic is excellent. Very good advice in a good setup."