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Dr. Tia Powell, director of the Center for Bioethics and its graduate programs, weighs in on a variety of bioethics issues:

  • In response to recent controversy surrounding the case of a pregnant woman in Texas kept on life support against her family’s wishes, Dr. Powell weighs in on the ethical issues, in a MedPage Today article.
  • When Life Imitates Work: The Bioethicist Confronts Her Mother's Dementia, Dr. Powell’s presentation from the 17th Annual Neurology Symposium: Comprehensive Approach to Dementia. Listen to the podcast.
  • In a Bloomberg article, Dr. Powell comments on the controversial topic of doctor-assisted dying including financial concerns that can affect decisions.
  • Dr. Powell discusses FDA standards for studying new Alzheimer's drugs, in her first entry as a blogger for The Huffington Post.

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Conference presentation
"Considering an Approach to Requests for Post Mortem Sperm Retrieval"
Speaker: Lauren Flicker
International Conference on Clinical Ethics Consultations
April 24, 2014
Paris, France

Conference presentation
"Building on the Expertise in the Room: Legal Education for a Multidisciplinary Student Body"
Speaker: Lauren Flicker
American Society for Law Medicine & Ethics, Health Law Professors' Conference
June 6, 2014

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