Einstein-Cardozo Bioethics Graduate Education

Curriculum/Courses: Master in Bioethics M.B.E.

 Our M.B.E. coursework consists of dynamic integrated courses designed specifically for the bioethics curriculum. 

Below is a sample of courses currently on offer. Most are semester-long seminars, and several are intensive courses to be taken over a period of four days. All are offered through Einstein and Cardozo, and all have been designed, reviewed and selected for credit toward completing the Master’s program.

The MBE requires 32 credits for completion. 10 of those credits will come from the required Bioethics and Medical Humanities I and II (6) and your Capstone/Thesis project (4). The remaining 22 credits will come from a range of courses offered primarily through Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Cardozo School of Law. Note that a good portion of the seminar courses are scheduled from 4pm on, and several are intensive courses held over a select number of days. This may help considerably in balancing your MBE coursework and other obligations.


Credit Hour Calculations 


Credit Hour Definition for Courses: One (1) credit hour is earned for fifteen (15) 1-hour (of 50 minutes each) sessions of lecture or classroom instruction, with the expectation of two (2) additional hours of outside study or reaching for each class session. 


Credit Hour Definition for Laboratory Rotation and Full-Time Research: One (1) credit hour is earned for each forty-five (45) 1-hour session of academic activity. Forty-five hours of academic activity yields one (1) credit hour.  


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Master in Bioethics

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