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Message from the Chair

I have been part of Einstein for the past 43 years. For the first 33 of them I was a faculty member in the department of pediatrics and worked at the Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center. When I retired, I joined Einstein’s Board of Overseers, and 5 years later, became its chair. As I tell friends and colleagues, Einstein gets in your blood!

I hope Einstein will get in your blood, as well.

I have a deep love for this remarkable institution; for the splendid education it provides its medical and other graduate students. Of course, I also have enormous respect for the brilliant physician-scientists at Einstein who are dedicated to improving the human condition. One of the major strengths of Einstein is research, which fills almost every building on our campus.

None of this would be possible without our donors, whose support is essential for helping the school continue its leadership role in medical education and research. Philanthropy, coupled with NIH funding, supports Einstein students and faculty as they carry out their efforts to improve the health of people locally, nationally, and around the world.

Philanthropy constructs buildings that house our scientific programs, attracts and retains our stellar researchers, and helps purchase necessary equipment. Our donors provide seed money for new ventures that develop into fundable research projects. They also create scholarships for our medical students and support our programs in global health.

This website represents a celebration of the work made possible by thousands of supporters – past, present and future – who invest in Einstein and its mission. We are extremely grateful for their continued and thoughtful generosity.

For those of you who have been involved in the College of Medicine, we thank you. For those being introduced to Einstein for the first time, we hope you will join our proud tradition in philanthropy.

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Director of Institutional Advancement

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