Department of Physiology and Biophysics

Research Highlights

Researcher Highlight
Dr. Myles Akabas   Malaria purine transport and antimalarial drug development
Dr. Robin Briehl   Physical chemistry, structure, and pathogenesis of sickle cell hemoglobin
Dr. David Cowburn   Structural biology of signal transduction and transport, specializing in NMR
Dr. Alan Finkelstein  Ion-conducting channels incorporated into planar lipid bilayer membranes
Dr. Adam Friedman   Nanotechnology, wound healing and immune modulation
Dr. Joel M. Friedman   Structural dynamics, conformational disorder, and reactivity in proteins: laser spectroscopic studies
Dr. Gary Gerfen  Structural determination of paramagnetic intermediates in enzymatic catalysis
Dr. Linda A. Jelicks  Magnetic resonance studies of the cardiovascular system
Dr. Paul Kienker  Channel Formation by Protein Toxins
Dr. Denis L. Rousseau  Protein folding; molecular mechanisms of cytochrome oxidase and nitric oxidesynthase
Dr. Victor Schuster  Prostaglandin Transporters in human physiology and disease
Dr. David Sharp  Cellular and molecular mechanisms of cell division
Dr. Hernando J. Sosa  Structure and Dynamics of Molecular Motors
Dr. Syun-Ru Yeh  Structure, function, dynamics and folding of heme-containing proteins; laser spectroscopy
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