Department of Pathology


Other Research Areas


Investigators with a focus in immunopathology conduct research aimed at understanding the mechanisms that regulate the function of the adaptive immune system in physiological and pathological conditions. Areas of interest include the characterization of the molecular and cellular processes that control the role of dendritic cells in adaptive immunity, the regulation of V(D)J recombination and DNA-strand break repair in the context of both normal B cell function and the development of B-cell malignancies, the identification of the molecular mechanisms responsible for the induction of tolerance in T cells and the consequences of their dysregulation in autoimmune disease and cancer, and the analysis of the immunopathogenesis of multiple sclerosis the antiphospholipid syndrome.


Research Labs

Fooksman Lab 

The goals of my laboratory are to understand the regulation of plasma cell differentiation, migration, survival and function. The current topics in the laboratory are focused on what factors regulate selection and differentiation of germinal center B cells to plasma cell, control plasma cell migration to the bone marrow and subsequent long-lived survival and retention, and control myeloma cell retention and migration in the bone marrow, which enables tumor progression.

Macian Lab 

Santambrogio Lab

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