Deliver the highest quality of medical care by using state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures, by training pathologists to be integral members of healthcare teams, and by discovering new knowledge and translating it into the practice of Pathology.


Improve healthcare through Pathology service, education and research.


Integrate research, education, clinical care, and community health to advance the understanding of disease mechanisms; to apply new knowledge and best practices to diagnostic medicine; and to develop educational programs to train scientists and enable pathologists to contribute to personal and population health as integral physician members of healthcare teams.


Education Training Programs


Charting Her Own Course: From Navy Flight Surgeon to First-Year Pathology Resident

While some of her peers in Ms. Bedoe’s biology class at Valley Christian Junior High in San Jose, CA, may have recoiled from the idea of dissecting a frog, 11-year-old Angela Markham embraced it. Now a first-year pathology resident at Montefiore Einstein, Dr. Angela Markham Baldwin credits the middle-school rite of passage with sparking her interest in medicine.

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Dr. Angela Markham