The Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Women's Health


The distinguished doctors, nurses and staff are highly trained and compassionate providers who:

  • Care for women's health needs in every stage of life from adolescence, to childbearing years, through menopause and into senior years
  • Train the future generation of physicians and other health professionals
  • Improve patient care and treatment by conducting innovative women's health research

Generalists in Obstetrics and Gynecology Faculty

Montefiore Medical Center

Curtis Appel, MD
Erika Banks, MD
Lillian Berdichevsky, MD
Talitha Bruney, MD
Meleen Chuang, MD
Pamela De Forest, MD
Ronald Dudek, MD
Janice Falls, MD
Peter Fanti, MD
Monica Foreman-Hyacinthe, MD
Michael Frey, MD
Ronit Friedman, MD
Boguslowa Gela, MD
Angela Gonzalez, MD
Julia Gray, MD
Hoosna Haque
Robert Hirsh, MD
Cathy Jarosz, MD
Pascale Jean-Louis, MD
Madhury Khan, MD
Rubina Khokhar, MD
Sarah Kim, MD
Esther Koai, MD
Aleksandr Kravtsov, DO
Alexander Kucherov, MD

Roy Lerner, MD
Michael LevGur, MD
Nanci Levine, MD
Michael Lev-Gur, MD
Judith Levy, MD
Paige Long-Sharps, MD
John Mastrantonio, MD
Clelia Moline, MD
Jane Owen, DO
Jung Ki Park, MD
Mary Parras, MD
Nancy Pawl, MD
Melissa Peskin, MD
Kristin Powell, MD
Anne Rasmussen, MD
U. Ratakonda, MD
Enid Rivera, MD
Mary Rosser, PhD, MD
Ohad Rotenberg, MD
Lauren Ruggerio, MD
Roderick Santos, MD
Darshita Shah, MD
Reynol Suarez, MD
Melissa Walsh, MD
Roman Woroch, MD


North Bronx Health Network
(Jacobi Medical Center/North Central Bronx)

Michael Zinaman, MD (Chair)
Kaytan Amrute, MD
Sandra Angus, MD
Leslie Bizovi, MD
Anne Choi, MD
Yvonne Choi, MD
Sharon Deans, MD
Anthony Dorbu, MD
Tammy Gruenberg, MD
Samir Genadri, MD
Shevon Joseph, MD
Barry Karpel, MD
Meera Kesavan, MD

Nahla Khalek, MD
Stavros Lazarou, MD
Sabari Nandi, MD
Serge Nazon, MD
Esteban Ortega, MD
Rivkie Penstein-Hirt, MD
Jacob Shragowitz, MD
Mauricio Silva, MD
Stanley Swaby, MD
Nergesh Tejani, MD (MFM)
Ededet Udo, MD
Lee Weiss, MD
Daryl Wieland, MD
Wendy Wilcox, MD 



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