Dominick P. Purpura Department of Neuroscience


All seminars are in Kennedy 901 at 12:30 unless otherwise noted.  

@ 10:00am
Rachel Fremont
**Thesis Seminar**  "Examining the role of the cerebellum and cerebello-basal ganglia interactions in dystonia"
@ 4pm
Dr. Maiken Nedergaard
Univ of Rochester Medical Center
"The nightlife of astrocytes"
9/17/14  Dr. Luciano D'Adamio
"Is the function of APP relevant to the pathogenesis of Dementia?"
9/18/14   Dr. Alexander Groh
Institute of Neuroscience TU Munchen
"Cortical feedback to the thalamus: the lesser known part of the thalamocortical system"
9/24/14  Dr. Diego Bohorquez
Duke University
"Unveiling of a gut-brain neurocircuit"
Price Aud. @ 2:00pm  
Dr. Dora Angelaki
Baylor College of Medicine
Distinguished Neuroscientist Lecture 
"Neuron correlations, causality and behavior: Where lies the truth in systems neuroscience?"
10/8/14  Dr. Nick Priebe
UT Austin
"The private lives of neurons"
10/15/14  Dr. Stan Floresco
Univ of British Columbia
"Uncertainty, Choice and Dopamine"
10/16/14 @ 1pm  Dr. Vince McGinty
Stanford University
"Do you like what you see? The dynamics of gaze, choice, and neural coding of value"
10/22/14  Dr. Alan Stocker
Univ of Pennsylvania
"Bayesian observer models based on efficient sensory representations"
10/29/14  Dr. Shigeki Watanabe
University of Utah
"Slow or fast? A tale of synaptic vesicle endocytosis"
11/5/14  Dr. Marc Hammarlund
Yale University
"Mechanisms of axon regeneration"
11/10/14@ 2:00pm   Matthew Sapio
**Thesis Seminar**  "Carboxypeptidase A6 mutations and epilepsy"
11/12/14  Dr. Richard Stanley
"The CSF-1 receptor and its ligands in nervous system development and disease"
11/24/14@ 10:30am   Christopher Chen
**Thesis Seminar**  "Cerebellar modulation of the basal ganglia"
11/25/14@ 9:00am   Stephen Briggs
**Thesis Seminar**  "A study on the pathogenesis and treatment of infantile spasms in rats"
11/26/14  Dr. Carlos Cepeda
"Looking inside a child’s epileptic brain"
12/3/14  Dr. Dongsheng Cai
"Hypothalamic mechanism of metabolic syndrome and aging"
12/10/14  Dr. Todd Roberts
UT Southwestern
"Watching the brain learn from auditory experience"
12/17/14 @ 10:00am  Jonathan Sussman-Fort
**Thesis Seminar**  "The effect of stimulus context and attention on auditory scene analysis"
12/17/14  Dr. Young-Hwan Jo
"Role of hypothalamic cholinergic neurons in the regulation of overall energy balance"

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