Dominick P. Purpura Department of Neuroscience


All seminars are in Kennedy 901 at 12:30 unless otherwise noted.  

1/14/15  Dr. Alon Friedman
Ben-Gurion University
"The role of blood-brain barrier dysfunction in Neuropathology: From bed side to bench and back"
1/21/15  Dr. Benjamin Deneen
Baylor College of Medicine
"Developmental gliogenesis: The crossroads of cell fate and malignancy in the CNS"
1/26/15  Dr. Robert Zorec
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
"Pathologic potential of vesicle traffic in astrocytes"
1/28/15  Dr. Daniel Colon-Ramos
Yale University
"Powering the brain: The glycolytic metabolon meets local energy demands at presynaptic sites"
2/4/15  Dr. Mario Penzo
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
"Neuronal circuits controlling the formation and recollection of fear memory"
2/11/15  Dr. Michael Bennett
"Electrical synaptic transmission"
2/25/15  Dr. Vyto Verselis
"Connexin 26 and syndromic sensorineural deafness"
3/4/15  Dr. Chris de Zeeuw
Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience
"Cerebellar modules and learning rules"
3/5/15  Dr. Pepe Alcami
Université Paris Descartes
"Connectivity and computation in an electrically-coupled cerebellar interneuron network"
3/11/15@4pm  Dr. Rodolfo Llinas
New York University
**Price Center Auditorium**  "Content and context in the thalamocortical dialog: Of rodents and humans"
3/18/15   Dr. Steve Lisberger
Duke University
"What happens in your cerebellum while you learn a motor skill"
3/19/15  Dr. Pat Levitt
University of Southern California
"Developmental, physiological and proteomic strategies for determining the neural function of the MET receptor tyrosine kinase"
3/25/15  Dr. Douglas Portman
University of Rochester
"Sexual modulation of neural circuits in C. elegans"
4/1/15   Dr. Dominick Purpura
"Do weird behavioral manipulations involve Einstein’s ‘spooky action at a distance’?"
4/8/15  Dr. Nicholas Schiff
Weill Cornell Medical College
4/15/15@4pm  Dr. Leslie Vosshall
Rockefeller University
"DISTINGUISHED NEUROSCIENTIST LECTURE" **Price Center Auditorium**    "How do we smell? New insights from mosquitoes and humans"
4/22/15   Dr. Reyna Martinez-DeLuna
SUNY Upstate Medical University
"Degeneration and regeneration in a model of reversible rod loss"
4/29/15   Dr. Chiayu Chiu
Yale University
"Specializations of dendritic inhibition in the neocortex"
5/6/15  Dr. Michael Dustin
University of Oxford
"Immunological synapses at the blood-brain barrier- dynamics of CD8 T cells in experimental cerebral malaria"
5/13/15  Dr. Jed Hartings
University of Cincinnati
"How the brain dies: The role of spreading depolarizations in acute injury"
5/20/15  Dr. Peter Sterling
University of Pennsylvania
"Principles of neural design"
5/27/15  Dr. Eric Klann
New York University
6/3/15  Dr. John Mann
Columbia University
"Cause and Consequence in the Pathogenesis of Mood Disorders"
6/10/15  Dr. Michael Long
New York University
"How does the brain generate behavioral sequences?"
6/17/15  Dr. Daniel Colon-Ramos
Yale University
"Powering the brain: The glycolytic metabolon meets local energy demands at presynaptic sites"
6/24/15  Dr. Christian Hansel
University of Chicago
"Non-synaptic plasticity in cerebellar circuits"
7/1/15  Dr. Junho Lee
Seoul National University
"Molecular insight into alternative lengthening of telomeres in worms and its implication in cancers"

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