Dominick P. Purpura Department of Neuroscience

Past Seminars


1/8/14  Dr. Bill Clusin
Stanford University
"Alternative splicing in the calcium activated potassium channel (BK) in the ampulla of lorenzini of the skate"
1/15/14  Dr. Enrico Nasi
Universidad Nacional, de Colombia
"Photoreceptor lineages and light-transduction mechanisms: revising the dogma"
1/16/14  Dr. Maria Gomez
Universidad Nacional, de Colombia
"From invertebrate vision to Circadian Detectors: Melanopsin transduction in Amphioxus"
1/22/14  Dr. Alberto Pereda
"Synaptic transmission mediated by gap junctions: properties and plasticity"
1/29/14  Dr. Nicole Rust
University of Pennsylvania
"The neural mechanisms responsible for finding objects and switching between targets"
2/12/14  Dr. Isabel Perez-Otano
University of Navarra
"Juvenile GluN3A-containing NMDA receptors: gate-keepers for synapse development, cognition and neurodegenerative disease"
2/19/14  Dr. Ona Bloom
Hofstra North Shore - LIJ School of Medicine
"Identifying anti- and pro- regenerative molecular responses to spinal cord injury"
2/26/14  Dr. Stefano Fusi
Columbia University
"High dimensional neural representations in prefrontal cortex"
3/5/14  Dr. Jon Horvitz
City College of New York
"Nucleus accumbens dopamine and habit learning"
3/12/14  Dr. Darcy Peterka
Columbia University
"Optical control and monitoring of neurons in three dimensions"
3/16/14  Dr. Hyongbae Kwon
Max Plank Florida Institute
"Cellular mechanisms of circuit reorganization in layer 2/3 barrel cortex"
3/26/14  Dr. Dora Angelaki
Baylor College of Medicine
"Optimal integration of sensory evidence: Building blocks and canonical computations"
4/2/14  Dr. Winrich Friewald
Rockefeller University
"Faces, attention and temporal lobe"
4/9/14  Dr. Emilio Salinas
Wake Forest School of Medicine
"Modeling urgent decisions: how perception modulates ongoing motor plans"
4/10/14  Dr. David Lovinger
"Long-term synaptic depression initiated by Gi/o-coupled receptors: mechanisms and contribution to striatal functio"
4/16/14  Dr. Dan Sanes
"Critical periods for synaptic and perceptual development"
4/23/14  Dr. Michael Mauk
University of Texas at Austin
"The Enemy of my enemy: Inhibition of inhibition in cerebellar processing and learnin"
4/30/14  Dr. Jennifer Raymond
Stanford University
"Neural learning rules in the cerebellum"
5/7/14  Dr. Javier Medina
University of Pennsylvania
"Coding in silence: Precise control of mevement kinematics by optogenetic inhibition of Purkinje cells"
5/14/14  Dr. Jackie Gottlieb
Columbia University
"Oculomotor decisions for sampling information"
5/21/14  Dr. Aviv Bergman
"Everything not forbidden is allowed (in-depth)"
5/28/14  Dr. Peter Rudebeck
Mt. Sinai
"What is it worth to me? Reward, validation and the prefrontal cortex"
6/4/14  Dr. Michael Aschner
"Nature and nurture: Crosstalk between genes and manganese neurotoxicity"
6/5/14  Dr. Eero Simoncelli
"Embedding of environmental statistics in sensory neural populations"
6/19/14  Dr. Qasim Zaidi
SUNY College of Optometry
"Links between percepts and neural responses"



1/23/13 Dr. Arianna Maffei
Stony Brook University
"The dark side of the force: how inhibition controls activity in the primary visual cortex"
1/30/13 Dr. Tracy Tran
Rutgers University
"Secreted Semaphorins and Their Receptors Control Spine Distribution and Dendritic Morphogenesis in the Postnatal CNS"
2/13/13 Dr. Laurel Trainor
McMaster University
"Multisensory aspects of musical rhythm: Why we move to the beat"
2/27/13 Dr. Jessica Mong
University of Maryland
"Ovarian Steroid Regulation of Sleep: What rodent studies tell us about implications to women's health"
3/06/13 Dr. Anis Contractor
Northwestern School of Medicine
"Life without kainate receptors; insights from kainate receptor knockout mice"
3/13/13 Dr. Edward Kravitz
Harvard Medical School
"Genetic manipulations in the fruit fly fight club: Role of amine neurons studied at a single neuron level"
3/21/13 Dr. Julie Haas
Lehigh University
"Activity-dependent modification of electrical synapses"
3/26/13 Dr. Marla Feller
University of California, Berkeley
"Dynamic reconfiguration of retinal circuits"
3/27/13 Dr. Dan Feldman
University of California, Berkeley
"Inhibitory circuit mechanisms for map plasticity in rodent somatosensory cortex"
5/29/13 Dr. Richard Paylor
Baylor College of Medicine
"Mouse and Rat Models for Autism: Questions About Gene Function from Knockouts"
6/12/13 Dr. Clemence Blouet
"Forebrain-hindbrain nutrient-sensing circuits in the regulation of energy homeostasis"
6/26/13 Dr. Daniel Choquet
Universite de Bourdeaux
"A nanoscale view into the dynamic of AMPA receptor organization in synapses"
9/11/13 Dr. Dominick Purpura
"Noradrenergic Signaling from Cognition to Cancer and Coli: Are Primary Cilia Tuned-In?"
9/18/13 Dr. Yael Niv
Princeton University
"Learning latent structure"
9/19/13 Dr. Marlene Cohen
University of Pittsburgh
"Attention can flexibly increase or decrease spike count correlations in visual cortex"
9/28/13 Dr. Rene Garcia
Texas A & M
"Molecular regulation of feed forward and feedback circuits used in motivated behaviors of C. elegans adult males"
10/2/13 Dr. Michael Kreutz
Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology
"When synaptic proteins meet the genome - synapse-to-nucleus communication via protein messenger"
10/9/13 Dr. Scott Emmons
"The mind of a worm: Learning from the C. elegans connectome"
10/16/13 Dr. Jeff Beeler
Queens College, CUNY
"The evolution of organismal budgeting: dopamine, economic thrift and energy management"
10/23/13 Dr. Michael Levin
Tufts University
"Endogenous bioelectric gradients control growth and form: molecular mechanisms and biomedical opportunities for regenerative medicine and cancer"
10/30/13 Dr. Shaoyu Ge
SUNY Stony Brook
"Adult hippocampal neurogenesis and its regulators"
11/6/13 Dr. Fereshteh Nugent
Uniformed Services University
"Role of AKAP signaling in GABAergic plasticity in the VTA"
11/20/13 Dr. Michael Higley
Yale School of Medicine
"Shedding light on the role of GABAergic inhibition in neocortical dendrites"
12/4/13 Dr. Rajat Singh
"Autophagy in hypothalamic neurons: Intrinsic and peripheral implications"
12/9/13 Dr. Michael Rosenfeld
"Enhancer codes in development and in conditioned learning/memory"
12/11/13 Dr. Beverly Davidson
University of Iowa
"Emerging therapies for inherited CNS diseases"
12/18/13 Dr. Mauro Costa-Mattioli
Baylor College of Medicine
"Memory Storage: A new molecular and cellular perspective"



1/14/12 Dr. Costantino Iadecola
Cornell University
"Neurovascular coupling in health and disease: Mechanisms and implications for brain function"
1/11/12 Dr. Ted Bargiello
"Voltage-gating of connexin channels: experimental and computational approaches"
1/18/12 Dr. Ricardo Araneda
University of Maryland
"Neuromodulation in the olfactory bulb and odor processing"
1/25/12 Dr. Andres Chavez
"Non-retrograde signaling mediated by endocannabinoids and TRPV1 channels: role in synaptic transmission and plasticity"
2/01/12 Dr. Dax Hoffman
"Dendritic ion channels and plasticity in the hippocampus"
2/08/12 Dr. Valina Dawson
Johns Hopkins University
"PAR Network Regulating Survival and Death in the Brain"
2/15/12 Dr. Mark Stopfer
"Roles of olfactory receptor neurons in establishing neural codes for odors"
2/22/12 Dr. Teresa Giraldez
Hospital Univ Ntra. Sra. De Candelaria
"Gating-ring rearrangements studied in whole BK channels"
2/29/12 Dr. Bruce Nicholson
Univ of Texas Health Science Center
"Gap junctions and hemichannels – metabolite permeability and relevance for deafness and skin disease"
3/07/12 Dr. Paul Lombroso
Yale University
"Taking STEPS to Improve Cognition"
3/14/12 Dr. Hagai Bergman
The Hebrew Institute
"Exploiting basal ganglia tricks to cure their disorders"
3/21/12 Dr. Jennifer Darnell
Rockefeller University
"Genome-wide identification of novel pre- and postsynaptic MRNA targets of FMRP translational repression during elongation"
3/28/12 Dr. Gary Westbrook
Vollum Institute, OHSU
"Dissecting microcircuits with a cellular bias"
4/04/12 Dr. Dominick Purpura
"Evolution of self-identity and noradrenergic dysregulation in brain disorders"
4/11/12 Dr. Joshua Berke
University of Michigan
"Sensorimotor gating and basal ganglia dynamics"
4/25/12 Dr. Bruce McEwen
Rockefeller University
"Sex, stress and the brain: Hormone actions above the hypothalamus by novel mechanisms"
5/02/12 Dr. Linda Overstreet Wadiche
Univ of Alabama at Birmingham
"GABA signaling to adult born neurons: where does it come from and what does it do?"
5/03/12 Dr. Jacques Wadiche
Univ of Alabama at Birmingham
"Inhibition through excitation beyond the synapse"
5/09/12 Dr. Jonathan Pillow
University of Texas, Austin
"Statistical encoding and decoding of decision-related information from spike trains in area LIP "
5/16/12 Dr. Andres Villu Maricq
University of Utah
"The workings of glutamatergic synapses: parts and delivery"
5/23/12 Dr. Grace Stutzmann
Rosalind Franklin University
"Neuronal calcium signaling disruptions alter synaptic homeostasis in Alzheimer’s Disease "
5/30/12 Dr. Gary Mathern
"Basic mechanisms of pediatric epilepsy: What we can learn from human studies"
6/06/12 Dr. Hannes Buelow
"To branch or not to branch: Insights from a lower organism"
6/13/12 Dr. Alex Kozhevinkov
Penn State University
"Neural mechanisms of the birdsong syntax"
6/20/12 Dr. Attila Losonczy
Columbia University
"Dissecting the role of dendritic inhibition in hippocampal memory formation"
9/05/12 Dr. Jeremy Dittman
Weill Cornell Medical College
"Molecular control of synaptic vesicle fusion"
9/12/12 Dr. Thomas Biederer
Yale University
"Organization of Synapse Structure and Function by Trans-Synaptic Adhesion"
9/19/12 Dr. Mario Delmar
New York University
"Electrical coupling, intercellular adhesion, and cell excitability: Three functions of a common molecular pool at the cardiac intercalated disc. Implications to arrhythmia mechanisms "
9/26/12 Dr. Christopher Brett
Concordia University
"Christianson syndrome, ADHD and NHEs: How sodium/hydrogen exchangers control neuronal endocytosis and their relationship to disease"
10/03/12 Dr. Koen Vervaeke
Janelia Farms, HHMI
"Gap junctions and synaptic integration in inhibitory interneurons"
10/10/12 Dr. Brian Schmidt
New York University
"Exploring the Neurobiology of Cancer Pain"
10/19/12 Dr. Yiochi Oda
Nagoya University
"Acquisition of the sense of hearing during development"
10/24/12 Dr. Thanos Tzounopoulos
University of Pittsburgh
"Mechanisms and Functions of Synaptic and Intrinsic Plasticity in Normal and Pathological Sensory Processing"
11/01/12 Dr. Jessica Mong
University of Maryland
"Sex and Drugs and the Medial Amygdala: Methamphetamine facilitation of female sexual behavior"
11/07/12 Dr. R. Douglas Fields
"Action potentials in regulating myelination and synaptic strength: Plasticity beyond the neuron doctrine"
11/20/12 Dr. Anitha Pasupathy
University of Washington, Seattle
"More - and less - than meets the eye: shape encoding under partial occlusion in primate visual cortex "
11/21/12 Dr. Wyeth Bair
University of Washington, Seattle
"Modeling the visual cortex"
11/28/12 Dr. Aryn Gittis
Carnegie Mellon University
"Cellular Mechanisms of Synchrony in the Basal Ganglia"
12/05/12 Dr. John Lisman
Brandeis University
"The complex of CaMKII with the NMDAR as a molecular memory at synapses"
12/12/12 Dr. Bruno Averbeck
"Action selection and action value in frontal-striatal circuits"



1/12/11 Dr. Adam Kohn
"Feedforward corticocortical networks"
1/13/11 Dr. Eduardo Rosa-Molinar
University of Puerto Rico
"Building a Connectome of a Spinal Neural Circuit Controlling an Innate Male Behavior"
1/19/11 Dr. Marina Wolf
Rosalind Franklyn University
"AMPA receptor plasticity: A target for treating cocaine addiction"
1/26/11 Dr. Herb Lachman
"Disease modeling in schizophrenia using induced pluripotent stem cells"
2/02/11 Dr. Costantino Iadecola
Weill Cornell Medical College
"Neurovascular coupling in health and disease: Mechanisms and implications for brain function"
2/09/11 Dr. Stephanie White
"Birdsong as a model for speech disorders"
2/10/11 Dr. Felix Schweizer
"Ubiquitin and gravity as modifiers of synaptic function"
2/16/11 Dr. Adam Carter
New York University
"GABAB receptor modulation at spines and dendrites"
2/23/11 Dr. David Raible
University of Washington
"Death and regeneration of mechanosensory hair cells in zebrafish"
3/02/11 Dr. Amy Brooks-Kayal
University of Colorado
"Molecular Mechanisms of GABA(A) Receptor Gene Regulation in Epilepsy"
3/09/11 Dr. Nicole Avena
University of Florida
"Food Addiction: Behavioral and neurochemical overlaps between abnormal food intake and drug abuse"
3/16/11 Dr. Noboru Hiroi
"Autism: 22q11 bridges mouse proxy and human correlation"
3/23/11 Dr. Angus Silver
University of College London
"Cerebellar Golgi cells: disentangling chemical and electrical synaptic signaling"
3/30/11 Dr. Gregory Quirk
University of Puerto Rico
"Overcoming our fears: Prefrontal regulation of fear and extinction"
4/06/11 Dr. Dominick Purpura
"The Evolution of Phrenamines in Behavior: A Trace Odyssey"
4/13/11 Dr. Cori Bergmann
Rockefeller University
"Genes, circuits, and dynamics: using a fixed nervous system to build flexible behaviors"
4/20/11 Dr. Peter Crino
University of Pennsylvania
"Developmental Brain Malformations: A Spectrum Along the mTOR Cascade"
4/27/11 Dr. Bill Kristan
University of Cal at San Diego
"Neuronal mechanisms of behavioral choice"
4/28/11 Dr. Rashimi Bansal
University of Connecticut
"Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor Signaling in Development and Disease"
5/03/11 Dr. Henrik Jorntell
Lund University
"Microzonal organization and interneurons in the cerebellum"
5/04/11 Dr. John Williams
Vollum Institute, OHSU
"Mu-opioid receptor desensitization and the recovery from desensitization in Locus Coeruleus neurons'"
5/11/11 Dr. John Huguenard
Stanford University
"Endozepines as natural modulators of thalamocortical circuit function"
5/12/11 Dr. Rafael Linden
Instituto de Biofisica, UFRJ
"The prion protein beyond neurodegeneration"
5/18/11 Dr. Joshua A. Weiner
University of Iowa
"The Brain’s Diversity Initiative: Adhesive Specificity, Intracellular Signaling, and Developmental Roles for the Gamma-Protocadherins"
5/25/11 Dr. Paul Brehm
Vollum Institute, OHSU
"Zebrafish Provides New Perspectives on Synaptic Transmission"
5/26/11 Dr. Gail Mandel
Vollum Institute, OHSU
"Repressors and Glia: Life Support for Neurons"
6/01/11 Dr. Matthew Xu-Friedman
University at Buffalo
"The role of plasticity at an auditory synapse"
6/08/11 Dr. Howard Goodkin
University of Virginia
"Status Epilepticus: bench to bedside"
6/15/11 Dr. Darrell Brann
Medical College of Georgia
"CHIP-Mediated Degradation of Hippocampal Estrogen Receptor - and the Critical Period Hypothesis of Estrogen Neuroprotection"
6/22/11 Dr. Alex Huk
University of Texas at Austin
"Motion processing with 2 eyes in 3 dimensions"
6/29/11 Dr. Anthony Auerbach
University at Buffalo
"Transmitter, Receptor and Synapse"
9/14/11 Dr. Edward Dudek
University of Utah
"Acute seizures and chronic epilepsy in animal models of hypoxia/hypoxia-ischemia: new insights with telemetric recordings"
9/21/11 Dr. Paul Slesinger
Salk Institute
"Plasticity in GABA(B)-GIRK channel signaling with addictive drugs"
9/26/11 Dr. Randy Blakley
Vanderbuilt University
"Autism and the Serotonin Transporter"
9/28/11 Dr. Edward Boyden
"Optogenetics and Other Neural Circuit Analysis Tools"
10/05/11 Dr. Nicole Calakos
Duke University
"From Synapse to Sickness: The role of SAPAP3 in regulating mGluRs, striatal activity, and compulsive behaviors"
10/12/11 Dr. Adam Kohn
"Feedforward corticocortical circuits"
10/19/11 Dr. Menachem Hanani
Hebrew University
"Intercellular communications in sensory ganglia by purinergic receptors and gap junctions: Implications for chronic pain"
10/20/11 Dr. Barry Winkler
Eye Research Institute
"Retinal Photoreceptors: Living Life on the Edge"
11/02/11 Dr. Kurt Haas
University of British Columbia
"Direct in vivo imaging of structural and functional plasticity and metaplasticity within the awake developing brain"
11/08/11 Dr. Alonso Moreno
University of Utah
"Brownian permeability computation models predict that differences in the pore’s vestibule radii are determinant for the direction of preferential fluxes through heterotypic Cx45-Cx43 channels"
11/23/11 Dr. Stephen Smith
"Differential regulation of transmitter release by calcium; synaptic heterogeneity in neocortical neurons"
11/30/11 Dr. Saleem Nicola
"Pedal to the metal: how nucleus accumbens dopamine activates flexible navigation towards reward"
12/07/11 Dr. Minoru Koyama
Cornell University
"Principles of neuronal network architecture: Insights from locomotor circuits in larval zebrafish"
12/14/11 Dr. Nicholas Spitzer
University of California San Diego
"Activity-dependent neurotransmitter specification: rewiring the brain"



1/06/10 Dr. Donald Pfaff
Rockefeller University
"Waking up the brain: Generalized CNS arousal and sexual arousal"
1/13/10 Dr. Diana Pettit
"Asymmetric inhibition in olfactory cortex"
1/20/13 Dr. Jacqueline Crawley
"Strategies for Behavioral Phenotyping of Mouse Models of Autism"
1/27/10 Dr. Peter Wenner
Emory University
"Homeostatic plasticity as a guiding principle for neural network development "
2/02/10 Dr. Martin Chalfie
Columbia University
"Neuronal Differentiation and Mechanosensory Transduction in C. elegans"
2/10/10 Dr. Astrid Prinz
Emory University
"Variability and Robustness in Neuronal Networks"
2/17/10 Dr. James Mazer
Yale University
"Feature- and space-based attentional mechanisms in extrastriate visual cortex"
2/24/10 Dr. Maureen Barr
Rutgers University
"TRPs and microtubule based transport in C. elegans"
3/02/10 Dr. Gary Westbrook
Vollum Institute
"Analyzing small circuits with a cellular bias"
3/10/10 Dr. Mark Laubach
Yale University
"Episodic control of striatal activity during flexible decision making"
3/17/10 Dr. Jorge LaRocca
"Myelin Biogenesis: Role of GTP-Binding Proteins"
3/24/10 Dr. Martin Kelly
Oregon Health & Science Univ
"A G protein-coupled estrogen receptor is involved in hypothalamic control of energy homeostasis"
3/31/10 Dr. Jie Shen
Harvard University
"Neurotransmitter release and neurodegeneration"
4/01/10 Dr. Louis Ptacek
University of California San Fran
"Mutations in a novel synaptic protein cause a paroxysmal movement disorder"
4/02/10 Dr. Ying-Hui Fu
University of California San Fran
"Lessons from Leukodystrophy: The role of nuclear lamina and microRNA in myelination"
4/07/10 Dr. Pablo Castillo
"Endocannabinoid-mediated plasticity: novel mechanisms and synaptic rules"
4/14/10 Dr. Brian Ciruna
University of Toronto
"Planar cell polarity directs the posterior tilting and asymmetric localization of motile cilia"
4/21/10 Dr. Arturo Alvarez-Buylla
University of California San Fran
"Adult neural stem cells and neural plasticity"
4/28/10 Dr. Daniel Cyr
Universite de Quebec
"Role and regulation of connexins and pannexins in the male reproductive tract"
5/05/10 Dr. Ron Calabrese
Emory University
"Given Biological Variation, how should we model small rhythmic networks?"
5/10/10 Dr. Benoit Roux
University of Chicago
"Refinement and Validation of Models of the Kv1.2 Channel and Calculation of the Gating Charge using Molecular Dynamics Simulations "
5/12/10 Dr. Bernardo Rudy
New York University
"Molecular determinants of the fast and precise function of cortical fast-spiking interneurons"
5/19/10 Dr. Margaret Bynoe
Cornell University
"The Role of Adenosine in Central Nervous System Barrier Permeability"
5/26/10 Dr. Thomas White
SUNY Stony Brook
"Cx26 mutations in syndromic deafness linked to skin disease"
6/09/10 Dr. Stephen Matthews
University of Toronto
"Fetal Programming of the Stress Response: Transgenerational Consequences "
6/16/10 Dr. Patrizia Casaccia
Mount Saini School of Medicine
"Histone deacetylases: between repair and damage"
6/23/10 Dr. Jim Nagy
University of Manitoba
"Electrical synapses formed by interneuronal gap junctions in mammalian brain: anatomy, molecular composition and regulation"
6/30/10 Dr. Jaideep Bains
University of Calgary
"Gatekeepers of plasticity at GABA synapses: novel roles for endocannabinoids"
9/01/10 Dr. Seth Blackshaw
Johns Hopkins University
"Molecular mechanisms regulating neural specification in developing and postnatal hypothalamus"
9/08/10 Dr. Scott Nawy
"What a long strange Trp it's been: mGluR6 transduction "
9/15/10 Dr. Vivien Chevaleyre
"Integrating CA2 in the cortico-hippocampal loop"
9/22/10 Dr. John O'Brien
Univ of Texas Medical School
"Molecular mechanisms that regulate electrical synaptic coupling in retinal neurons during light and dark adaptation"
9/29/10 Dr. John Middlebrooks
Univ of California at Irvine
"Auditory Cortex at the Cocktail Party: Some Studies of Spatial Hearing"
9/30/10 Dr. Christian Luscher
University of Geneva
"Drug-evoked synaptic plasticity in the ventral tegmental area: cellular mechanisms and implications for the reward circuit"
10/06/10 Dr. Brian MacVicar
University of British Columbia
"Astrocytes and the regulation of cerebral blood flow and neuronal activity"
10/13/10 Dr. Eric Beyer
University of Chicago
"A spectrum of connexin abnormalities is associated with diseases like cataracts and arrhythmias"
10/20/10 Dr. John Adelman
Vollum Institute, OHSU
"SK2 channels: A story of synaptic serendipity"
10/21/10 Dr. Charles Watson
Curtain University
"Segmentation in the mouse hindbrain revealed by fgf8 and hox gene expression in cre lineages"
10/27/10 Dr. Astrid Prinz
Emory University
"Variability and Robustness in Neuronal Networks"
11/03/10 Dr. Darrell Brann
Medical College of Georgia
"CHIP-Mediated Degradation of Hippocampal Estrogen Receptor - and the Critical Period Hypothesis of Estrogen Neuroprotection"
11/10/10 Dr. Mark Zervas
Brown University
"Determining the temporal role of Tsc1 in the development of the thalamus: Alterations in thalamic neurons, thalamocortical circuits, and behavior in a novel mouse model of Tuberous Sclerosis"
12/08/10 Dr. John Rash
Colorado State University
"Glial gap junctions, aquaporin-4, potassium siphoning, saltatory conduction, and associated human neurological diseases"

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