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All seminars are in Kennedy 901 at 12:30 unless otherwise noted.  

9/9/15   Dr. Chang-Gyu Hahn
University of Pennsylvania
"NMDA receptor hypofunction in schizophrenia is precipitated by Src kinase hypoactivity resulting from converging molecular abnormalities"
9/16/15  Dr. Kostantin Dobrenis
"Strategy for multiple therapeutic modalities directed at neuronal correction in lysosomal storage diseases"
9/17/15   Dr. Meredith LeMasurier
Chief Editor, Nature Neuroscience
"An insider’s guide to scientific publishing"
9/21/15  @ 11am Dr. Erich Jarvis
Duke University
"Insights into the molecular mechanisms of human spoken language from studying vocal learning birds"
9/30/15  Dr. David Schoppik
New York University
10/7/15  Dr. Andres Vidal-Gadea
Illinois State University
"Investigation of the neural and molecular basis of magnetic orientation in the nematode C. elegans"
10/15/15  Dr. Freek Hoebeek
Erasmus Medical Center
"Cerebellar impact on thalamo-cortical networks in health and disease"
10/26/15  Dr. Julia Ladewig
University of Bonn
"In vitro cell culture models to decipher brain development and neuronal integration"
10/28/15  Dr. Praveen Ballabh
NY Medical Center
11/4/15 Dr. Vanessa Ruta
The Rockefeller University
"Adaptive olfactory circuits in drosophila"
11/11/15 Dr. Kelsey Martin
University of California, LA
"Spatial regulation of gene expression during synaptic plasticity"
11/18/15  Dr. Anne McKinney
University of California, LA
11/25/15   Dr. Harold Burgess
National Institutes of Health
12/2/15  Dr. Juan Carlos Saez
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
"Connexin- and pannexin-based channels as molecular targets to prevent neuroinflammatory responses"
12/9/15  Dr. Andrey Mazarati
University of California, LA
"Electroconvulsive therapy for autism: role of oxytocin and serotonin signaling"
12/16/15   Dr. Baljit Khakh
University of California, LA
"Astrocyte roles in neuronal circuits"

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