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12/11/15 Jose Luis Peña
Griffin DM, Hoffman DS and Strick PL. Corticomotoneuronal cells are "functionally tuned". Science. 350(6261): pp. 667-70, 2015. 
11/13/15 Michael Bennett
Li M et al. Physical basis of apparent pore dilation of ATP-activated P2X receptor channels. Nat Neurosci. 18: pp. 1577-83, 2015. 
9/11/15 Ariel Vitenzon
von Reyn CR et al. A spike-timing mechanism for action selection. Nat Neurosci. 17(7): pp. 962-70, 2014. 
3/23/15 Pablo Lituma
Temprana SG et al. Delayed coupling to feedback inhibition during a critical period for the integration of adult-born granule cells. Neuron. 85(1): pp. 116-30, 2015. 
1/23/15 Randy Stout
Flašker A et al. Vesicle size determines unitary exocytic properties and their sensitivity to sphingosine. Mol Cell Endocrinol. 376(1-2): pp. 136-47, 2013. 
1/16/15 Christopher Chen
Llinás R and Sugimori M. Electrophysiological properties of in vitro Purkinje cell somata in mammalian cerebellar slices. J Physiol. 305: pp. 171-95, 1980. 



12/19/14 Ilaria Carta
Vélez-Fort M et al. The stimulus selectivity and connectivity of layer six principal cells reveals cortical microcircuits underlying visual processing. Neuron. 83(6): pp. 1431-43, 2014. 
11/7/14 Thomas Younts
Trenholm et al. Nonlinear dendritic integration of electrical and chemical synaptic inputs drives fine-scale correlations. Nat Neurosci, 17(12): pp. 1759-66, 2014. 
10/24/14 Alberto Pereda
Watanabe et al. Clathrin regenerates synaptic vesicles from endosomes. Nature, 515(7526): pp. 228-33, 2014. 
10/3/14 Stefano Lutzu
Root et al. Single rodent mesohabenular axons release glutamate and GABA. Nat Neurosci, 17(11): pp. 1543-51, 2014. 
9/15/14 Bryen Jordan
Pecho-Vrieseling et al. Transneuronal propagation of mutant huntingtin contributes to non-cell automomous pathology in neurons. Nat Neurosci, 17(8): pp. 1064-72, 2014. 
5/2/14 Randy Stout
Pannache et al. Connexin 30 sets synaptic strength by controlling astroglial synapse invasion. Nat Neurosci 17, pp. 549-58, 2014. 
4/25/14 Steven Cook
Chia PH, et al. Local F-actin network links synapse formation and axon branching. Cell 156, pp. 208-20, 2014. 
3/21/14 Kyle Jensen
Soto F, et al.  NGL-2 regulates pathway-specific neurite growth and lamination, synapse formation, and signal transmission in the retina. J Neurosci 33, pp. 11949-59, 2013. 
3/7/14 Yonatan Fishman

Gil-da-Costa, R, et al. Nonhuman primate model of schizophrenia using a noninvasive EEG method. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 110, pp. 15425-30, 2013. 

2/21/14 Stephen Briggs

Clasadonte J, et al. Astrocyte control of synaptic NMDA receptors contributes to the progressive development of temporal lobe epilepsy. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 110, pp. 17540-45, 2013 

1/31/14 Pablo Castillo
Bemben et al. "CaMKII phosphorylation of neuroligin-1 regulates excitatory synapses".  Nature Neuroscience 17, pp. 56–64, 2014.  
1/17/14 Christopher Chen
Lee et al. "Hippocampal Place Fields Emerge upon Single-Cell Manipulation of Excitability During Behavior." Science 337, pp. 849-53, 2012. 



12/13/13 Magdalena Kalinowska
Baudouin et al. "Shared Synaptic Pathophysiology in Syndromic and Nonsyndromic Rodent Models of Autism". Science 338, pp. 128-132, 2012. 
12/06/13 Scott Emmons
Helmstaedter et al. "Connectomic reconstruction of the inner plexiform layer in the mouse retina". Nature 500:168-174, 2013. 
11/22/13 Donald Faber
Smith et al.  "Dendritic spikes enhance stimulus selectivity in cortical neurons in vivo". Nature 503, pp. 115-120, 2013. 
11/01/13 Alexander Pyronneau
Huang et al. "mTORC2 Controls Actin Polymerization Required for Consolidation of Long-Term Memory"
Nature Neuroscience 16, pp. 442-448, 2013.
10/18/13 Scott Nawy
Puthussery et al. "NaV1.1 Channels in Axon Initial Segments of Bipolar Cells Augment Input to Magnocellular Visual Pathways in the Primate Retina".  J. Neuroscience 33, pp. 16045-16059, 2013.  
10/4/13 Yuki Hashimotodani
 Dölen et al. "Social reward requires coordinated activity of nucleus accumbens oxytocin and serotonin." Nature 501, pp. 179-84, 2013. 
9/27/13 Dana Savariego
Shao et al. "Synapse Location during Growth Depends on Glia Location." Cell 154, pp. 337-50, 2013. 
9/6/13 Sofia Jürgensen
 Li et al. "βCaMKII in lateral habenula mediates core symptoms of depression." Science 341, pp. 1016-20, 2013. 
6/21/13 Carolina Soto
 Aoki et al. "Imaging of Neural Ensemble for the Retrieval
of a Learned Behavioral Program." Neuron 78, pp. 881-94, 2013.
5/31/13 Adam Kohn
Herrero et al. "Attention-Induced Variance and Noise Correlation Reduction in Macaque V1 Is Mediated by NMDA Receptors." Neuron 78, pp. 729-39, 2013. 
5/10/13 Randy Stout
Carta et al. "CaMKII-dependent phosphorylation of GluK5
mediates plasticity of kainate receptors." EMBO J 32, pp. 496-510, 2013.
4/19/13 Shlomo Dellal
Cai et al. "Local potentiation of excitatory synapses by serotonin and its alteration in rodent models of depression." Nat Neurosci 16, pp. 464-72, 2013. 
4/5/13 Kirsty Sawicka
Clement et al. "Pathogenic SYNGAP1 Mutations Impair Cognitive Development by Disrupting Maturation of Dendritic Spine Synapses." Cell 151, pp. 709-23, 2012. 
3/22/13 Michael Gertner
Peixoto et al. "Transsynaptic signaling by activity-dependent cleavage of neuroligin-1." Neuron 76, pp. 396-409, 2012. 
3/8/13 Jaafar Tindi
Karpova et al. "Encoding and transducing the synaptic or extrasynaptic origin of NMDA receptor signals to the nucleus." Cell 152, pp. 1119-33, 2013. 
2/15/13 Matt Klein
Santini et al. "Exaggerated translation causes synaptic and behavioral aberrations associated with autism." Nature 493, pp. 411-5, 2013. 
1/25/13 Andres Chavez
Granger et al. "LTP requires a reserve pool of glutamate receptors independent of subunit type." Nature 493, pp. 495-500, 2013.
1/11/13 Karina Alvina
Volk et al. "PKM-ζ is not required for hippocampal synaptic plasticity, learning and memory." Nature 493, pp. 420-3, 2013. 



12/7/12 Helmuth Sanchez
Graves et al. "Hippocampal pyramidal neurons comprise two distinct cell types that are countermodulated by metabotropic receptors." Neuron 76, pp. 776-89, 2012. 
11/16/12 Yunyan Wang
Washington & Kanwal. "Sex-dependent hemispheric asymmetries for processing frequency-modulated sounds in the primary auditory cortex of the mustached bat.", J Neurophysiol 108, pp. 1548-66, 2012. 
11/2/12 Jose Luis Pena
Ahrens et al. "Brain-wide neuronal dynamics during motor adaptation in zebrafish." Nature 485, pp. 471-9, 2012. 
10/26/12 Eliana Scemes
Choi et al. "Metabolic communication between astrocytes and neurons via bicarbonate-responsive soluble adenylyl cyclase." Neuron 75, pp. 1094-1104, 2012. 
9/28/12 Scott Nawy
Schiemann et al. "K-ATP channels in dopamine substantia nigra neurons control bursting and novelty-induced exploration." Nat Neurosci 15, 1272-80, 2012. 
9/14/12 Eduardo Arteaga-Bracho
Oliveira et al. "Rescue of aging-associated decline in Dnmt3a2 expression restores cognitive abilities." Nature Neurosci 15, pp. 1111-3; 2012. 
8/31/12 Reed Carroll
Polosukhina et al. "Photochemical restoration of visual responses in blind mice." Neuron 75, pp. 271-82, 2012. 
8/17/12 Tommy Younts
Vervaeke et al. "Gap junctions compensate for sublinear dendritic integration in an inhibitory network." Science 335, pp. 1624-8, 2012. 
2/24/12 Bryen Jordan
Darnell et al. "FMRP stalls ribosomal translocation on mRNAs linked to synaptic function and autism." Cell 146, pp. 247-61, 2011. 
2/17/12 Magdalena Kalinowska
Cui-Wang et al. "Local zones of endoplasmic reticulum complexity confine cargo in neuronal dendrites." Cell 148, pp. 309-21, 2012. 
1/27/12 Ariel Vitenzon
Di Castro et al. "Local Ca2+ detection and modulation of synaptic release by astrocytes." Nat Neurosci 14, pp. 1276-84, 2011. 



12/16/11 Diana Pettit
Bartal et al. "Empathy and pro-social behavior in rats." Science 334, pp. 1427-30, 2011. 
12/9/11 Saleem Nicola
Conrad et al. "Formation of accumbens GluR2-lacking AMPA receptors mediates incubation of cocaine craving." Nature 454, pp. 118-21, 2008. 
12/2/11 Jack-Christophe Cossec
Lippi et al. "Targeting of the Arpc3 actin nucleation factor by miR-29a/b regulates dendritic spine morphology." J Chem Biol 194, pp. 889-904, 2011. 
11/18/11 Zaven Kaprielian
Williams et al. "Cadherin-9 regulates synapse-specific differentiation in the developing hippocampus." Neuron 71, pp. 640-55, 2011. 
10/7/11 Michael Gertner
Restituito et al. "Synaptic autoregulation by metalloproteases and y-secretase." J Neurosci 31, pp. 12083-93, 2011.  
9/22/11 Tanya Casimiro
AMPAR Cycling and Activity Dependent Regulation of Synaptic Function 
5/27/11 David Hunt
Jia et al. "Dendritic organization of sensory input to cortical neurons in vivo." Nature 464, pp. 1307-12, 2010. 
4/29/11 Naama Rotem
Harvey et al. "Intracellular dynamics of hippocampal place cells during virtual navigation." Nature 461, pp. 941-6, 2009. 
4/22/11 Scott Emmons
Seung. "Neuroscience: Towards functional connectomics." Nature 471, pp. 170-2, 2011 
3/25/11 Diana Pettit
Larsen et al. "NR3A-containing NMDARs promote neurotransmitter release and spike timing-dependent plasticity." Nat Neurosci 14, pp. 338-44, 2011. 
3/3/11 Michael Bennett
Rauner & Kohr. "Triheteromeric NR1/NR2A/NR2B receptors constitute the major N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor population in adult hippocampal synapses." J Biol. Chem 286, pp. 7558-66, 2011. 
1/28/11 Pablo Castillo
Govindarajan et al. "The dendritic branch is the preferred integrative unit for protein synthesis-dependent LTP." Neuron 69, pp. 132-46, 2011. 
1/14/11 Sachin Makani
Christie et al. "Ca(2+)-dependent enhancement of release by subthreshold somatic depolarization." Nat Neurosci 14, pp. 62-8, 2011. 

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