Maurice Volaski: Systems Administrator

Who am I? 

I provide all the IT needs for the Dominick P. Purpura Department of Neuroscience. 


How do I contact you if I have a computer problem? 

Email is best, My extension is 3414, and my office is in 915A Kennedy. 


Who is Kevin?

Kevin is responsible for all the computing needs associated with the Cellular and Molecular Neuroimaging Core. He also can help you out when I’m not around. 


When do I call Monte IT?

You can call Monte IT if the problem is obviously outside my purview. For example, a problem with Banner, or you’ve been locked out of your email. You can reach Monte IT only by phone at #6123 (that’s the # sign followed by 6123). Off campus, the number is 914-881-4554.


Who controls what?

Currently, Monte IT manages the network and YU ITS manages email. All helpdesk tickets should originate from Einstein IT, which is reachable at


What are the network zones and what does staging refer to?

Monte IT has divvied up the network into five different zones for security:

  • User zone - Unrestricted Internet access (requires system compliance and staging). Most computers will fall into this category.
    • Windows 7 or later, Mac OS 10.9.5 or later
    • Staging process entails installing the following utilities:
      • Symantec Endpoint Protection (anti-virus)
      • Symantec Data Loss Prevention software
      • Microsoft System Center (SCCM - patch/update/system policy administration)
      • Joining computer to the Monte AD (active directory) domain 
    • Monteradius is in the user zone. 
  • Science Network - Intended for computers running equipment, or legacy operating systems. Network share access is allowed, though no email or websurfing is permitted.
  • Guest Network - a wireless only network for personal computers. Accessibility and throughput may be curtailed.
  • BYOD - (Bring Your Own Device) - a wired network for personal computers. Only indirect access to local resources is permitted.
  • Server zone - Reserved for external-facing IT computers.
What other services do I provide?

I provide bare-metal backup service through Retrospect connected to computers in the user zone. If you want this service, just email me. Druva Insync, a backup program, provided by the Office of Research Computing, is also available through me as well. 

Note: Retrospect is currently configured to store files for three months. That is, if you delete a file on your computer, it will be deleted from the backup servers in three months.  

What software is available?

The College of Medicine offers programs via site licensing, and the programs available are currently being updated and revised:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud is available for free: Sign-up here
  • Microsoft Office is available for free. Please email me to arrange to have it installed.
  • Information about specialty software is listed here
  • Graphpad Prism is listed, but the info is outdated. Please email me for the current credentials.
  • EndNote is available from the library.
  • The enterprise version of DropBox. Please email me for an account.
Is there a file server?

data.einsteinmed is the file server for the College. It is managed by Office of Research Computing. Please contact me if you need an account. You can download instructions on using data.einsteinmed here.

Do you provide any other services?

There are still web services available. I’m presently hosting the wormatlas web site,, among others.