Leo M. Davidoff Department of Neurological Surgery

Conference Schedule

Day  Time  Site  Title  Type       Frequency 
Mon 7:30am MMC Spine Case Conference Cases Weekly
Mon 8:30am MMC Visiting Professor Rounds Lecture Monthly
Mon 8:30am MMC Resident Case Conference Topic Monthly
Mon 8:30am MMC M & M Review Monthly
Mon 8:30am MMC Neuropath/Radiol Cases Monthly
Mon 5:00pm MMC Journal Club Articles Monthly
Tue 12:00pm MMC Brain Cutting Cases Weekly
Thur 11:00am CHAM Pediatric Tumor Brd   Weekly
Wed 12:00pm MMC Adult Tumor Brd   Monthly
Mon 7:30am SLR Case Conference Cases Biweekly
Wed 7:30am SLR Neuroradiology Cases Biweekly
Wed 9:00am SLR Tumor Board Cases Weekly
Wed 7:30am SLR M & M Review Monthly
Thur 7:00am SLR Interventional Cases Weekly

MMC - Montefiore Medical Center
CHAM - Children's Hospital at Montefiore
SLR - St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital


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