Department of Molecular Pharmacology

Dr. Dongsheng Cai

Dr. Dongsheng Cai

Phone: 718.430.2426
Forchheimer Building 216A

Professor, Department of Molecular Pharmacology

Our research interest is focused on understanding the role of central nervous system in the development and intervention of metabolic syndrome, aging and related diseases. First, we are studying the interactions between various signaling cascades and neuronal regulatory network that underlie the development of obesity- and aging-associated neural dysfunctions and subsequent whole-body pathophysiology. Second, we are identifying intrinsic molecular and cellular pathways which can counteract obesity- and aging-related neural dysfunctions. Finally, we are aiming to develop novel and effective strategies of molecular and cell therapies to break the pathogenic connections, leading to the prevention and treatment of metabolic and aging-related diseases.   


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(Highlighted as Nature Cell Biology commentary,  Nature Cell Biology, 14 (10): 987-9, 2012)


Cai, D. Neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration in overnutrition-induced diseases. Trends Endocrinol. Metab., 24 (1): 40-47, 2013. 


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(Highlighted as Nature Medicine news, highlighted by a preview in Cell Metabolism, 14 (7): 3-4, 2011)


Zhang H, Zhang G, Gonzalez, F, Park S, Cai D. Hypoxia-Inducible Factor Directs POMC Gene to Mediate Hypothalamic Glucose Sensing and Energy Balance Regulation. PLoS Biology, 9 (7): e1001112, 2011.

(Highlighted by the primer report of PLoS Biology, 9(7): e1001116, 2011.)


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Cai D, Yuan M, Frantz JD, Melendez P, Hansen L, Lee J, and Shoelson SE. Local and systemic insulin resistance resulting from hepatic activation of IKKb/NF-kB.  Nature Medicine, 11(2): 183-90, 2005.

(Highlighted as a cover reportof Nature Medicine)


Cai D, Frantz JD, Tawa NE, Melendez PA, Oh B, Lidov HG, Hasselgren PO, Frontera WR, Lee J, Glass DJ, and Shoelson SE. IKKb/NF-kB activation causes severe muscle wasting in mice. Cell, 119(2): 285-298, 2004.   

(Highlight in Science STKE 2004:256; Highlight in Science Aging Knowl. Environ. 2004:42; Commentary in Cell 2004, 119(7):907-10)



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