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Date Time Seminar Host(s)/Contact Location
Fri 06.15.18 12:00 PM Friday Work-In-Progress:

"Developing a recombinant HSV-2 ΔgD vaccine for the prevention of tuberculosis"
Rosemary Swanson Jacobs Lab
"Progress in the development of a novel humanized mouse model for type 1 diabetes"
Nitin Amdare DiLorenzo Lab
  Forchheimer Third Floor Lecture Hall
Tue 06.19.18 9:30 AM Immunology Journal Club:

"Chemokines and integrins independently tune actin flow and substrate friction during intranodal migration of T cells"
Shu Shien "Mandy" Chin (Lauvau Lab)
"CD4+ T cells are activated in regional lymph nodes and migrate to skin to initiate lymphedema"
Sangeetha Thangaswamy (Santambrogio Lab)
David Fooksman
Gregoire Lauvau
Elodie Picarda
Price 551
Fri 06.22.18 12:00 PM Friday Work-In-Progress:

"SERINC5 interacts with the HIV-1 envelope and prevents delivery of the HIV-1 core into the cytosol"
Anastasia Selyutina Diaz-Griffero Lab
"Specificity and Structure of Human Monoclonal Antibodies to Pneumococcal Serotype 3"
Rachelle Babb Pirofski Lab
  Forchheimer Third Floor Lecture Hall
Thu 06.28.18 10:00 AM Thesis Defense Seminar:

"Metabolism and Bioenergetics as a New Target Space to Treat Persistent mycobacterium tuberculosis"
Erik Hasenoehrl
Michael Berney
William R. Jacobs, Jr.
LeFrak Auditorium, Price Center
Fri 06.29.18 12:00 PM Friday Work-In-Progress:

Katie Kaugars Jacobs Lab

Tonya Aaron Fooksman Lab
  Forchheimer Third Floor Lecture Hall

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