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Date Time Seminar Host(s)/Contact Location
Fri 09.19.14 11:00 AM "How Ebola Virus Disables the Host Immune Response"
Christopher Basler, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Microbiology, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Kartik Chandran Riklis Auditorium, Belfer Building
Mon 10.06.14 11:00 AM "Too Big to Fail: How Adenovirus Invades Host Cells"
Glen Nemerow, Ph.D., Professor, Dept. of Immunology & Microbial Science, The Scripps Research Institute, CA
Kartik Chandran LeFrak Auditorium, Price Center
Tue 10.07.14 09:30 AM Immunology Journal Club:

"T-cell activation by transitory neo-antigens derived from distinct microbial pathways"

Cristina Clement

"Dynamic signaling by T follicular helper cells during germinal center B cell selection"
Mark McCarron
David Fooksman
Gregoire Lauvau
Price 451
Tue 10.14.14 10:00 AM Immunology Journal Club:

"Enhanced neonatal Fc receptor function improves protection against primate SHIV infection"

William Jacobs Jr.

"The cellular and molecular origin of tumor-associated macrophages"
Sonia Elhadad
David Fooksman
Gregoire Lauvau
Price 551
Tue 10.21.14 09:30 AM Immunology Journal Club:

"Complement is activated by IgG hexamers assembled at the cell surface"

Cristina Clement

"Metabolic Dysfunction Drives a Mechanistically Distinct Proinflammatory Phenotype in Adipose Tissue Macrophages"
Hyungjun Jeon
David Fooksman
Gregoire Lauvau
Price 551
Wed 10.22.14 03:00 PM The 2nd Annual Dr. Stanley G. Nathenson Memorial Lecture:

"Roles of the PD-1 pathway in controlling humoral and tumor immunity"

Arlene H. Sharpe, M.D., Ph.D., Department of Microbiology and Immunobiology, Harvard Medical School
Teresa DiLorenzo LeFrak Auditorium, Price Center
Fri 10.24.14 12:00 PM Friday Work-In-Progress:

Anna Wec chandran Lab
Siva Chavadi Chan Lab
  Forchheimer Third Floor Lecture Hall
Fri 10.31.14 12:00 PM Friday Work-In-Progress:

Jennifer Schloss DiLorenzo Lab
Silvana Opp Diaz-Griffero Lab
  Forchheimer Third Floor Lecture Hall

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