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Jeffrey Weiss, MD
Medical Director (Moses Division)
Assistant Professor (General Internal Medicine)


Millions of healthcare dollars are spent each year on duplicate testing, prescription errors, and treatment redundancy. While patients see doctors at different hospitals and healthcare facilities, much of their medical information becomes siloed, or restricted to the sites at which their care was initiated.

As the largest healthcare network in the Bronx, Montefiore Medical Center has created an interoperable network in which providers have secure access to patients' relevant medical information from multiple sites. Furthermore, Montefiore is a pioneer participant of the Bronx (NY) Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO), an interoperable health information exchange system representing 80 percent of the borough's providers.

Through this initiative, hospitals, ambulatory care centers, physician offices, homecare services, and extended care facilities throughout the Bronx may access patients’ clinical data (with appropriate patient consent) including registration records, laboratory tests, hospital admissions, emergency room visits, and procedural notation.

Launched in late 2008, this initiative has improved efficiency of care, increased patient and provider satisfaction, reduced errors resulting from poor data quality, and saved millions of dollars in administrative costs.

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